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International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO)

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International exchanges


IAPO facilitates and manages a large number of inter-institutional agreements, many of which provide for the mobility of UCT students and staff to partner campuses abroad.

UCT students participating in exchange opportunities abroad are ambassadors for the university and South Africa. Academic exchanges provide a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth, enriching not only the lives of the participants but the entire UCT community, which will share in the learning. Returning exchange participants serve as a valuable resource in an increasingly internationalised campus.

To be considered academically eligible to apply for an exchange, students should be maintaining an average of 68% or above. Graduate students who do not take course work will be assessed independently. If you do not fulfil this minimum academic requirement, your application will not be considered.

NB: for undergraduate students, both sets of marks from first year will be considered before an exchange opportunity is granted so you will only be informed after final exam results have been posted whether your application has been successful or not.

Who is eligible to apply for an exchange opportunity?

Undergraduate students: can only apply to go on an exchange during their second year of study, preferably in the second semester. Final year students (3rd or 4th year) are excluded from applying by Rule GB2.1 in the General Rules and Policies Handbook that states that credit will not be granted for major courses completed at another institution.

Postgraduate students: can apply for an exchange during their Masters or PhD degrees. Rule GB2.1 in the General Rules and Policies Handbook excludes Honours degree students from completing any courses at another institution.

Application deadlines

Deadline for UCT first semester: May 15th of the previous year

Deadline for UCT second semester: October 15th of the previous year

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