Student exchange application form

In applying for a study abroad opportunity, you should be aware that:
  1. The International Academic Programmes Office cannot guarantee that all advertised opportunities will be available every semester.
  2. Until formally notified in writing by IAPO of the success of your application and final placement, you should not de-register from courses or cancel your student housing.
  3. You must be a registered UCT student (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the time of the exchange.
  4. Undergraduate students are only eligible to go on exchange in the second semester of their second year so they must apply by October 31 of their first year. Postgraduate students are eligible at Masters or PhD level.
  5. NB Post Docs are not eligible for this exchange.
  6. You will pay full UCT fees for the entire period of the exchange (i.e. no fee reductions will be given for the period).

Personal details:

* = Mandatory fields

* Surname:
* First names:
* Gender:
* Email:
* Nationality:
* UCT student no:
* Cell no:
* Course of study at UCT:
* Year of study:
* Preferred institution for exchange:
* Alternate choice of institution for exchange:
* A letter of application and motivation addressed to "To whom it may concern" outlining why you think you should be selected and which courses you'd like to take (less than 1000 words please):
*A full curriculum vitae, including your ID or passport number, permanent residence and contact details of 2 referees (at least one referee must be a UCT staff member). Be sure to include details of your extramural activities, especially UCT participation in student life, governance, societies, committees, community service / outreach programmes, etc.:
* Reference letter from UCT academic staff member (confirming in principle their support for your exchange during the selected semester based on student academic performance thus far):
* General reference letter:
* A letter from your Head of Department confirming in principle, their support for your exchange during the selected semester. It should include confirmation that credit can be transferred to wards your UCT degree for completion of the equivalent course load/ curriculum for the selected semester (i.e. a confirmation that this exchange is possible from a UCT academic point of view) NB. This is NOT required for undergraduate Humanities students:

(You will be copied on the email sent to IAPO.)

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