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International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO)

International visitors

The International Visitors' Programme exists to design and manage appropriate programmes for international and national visitors to UCT.

Its duties include:

In order to assist us to plan for the visits so that they yield maximum benefit for all concerned and to accommodate the many visit requests that UCT receives, it has become necessary to request some systematic advance information prior to the visit. To this end please complete the Visit Request Form

Contact us

International Mobility / Exchange visitors and individual academic or non-academic visitors: please email Felicity Mashodi or telephone +27 21 650 4160 or +27 21 650 2822/3740. For research visits please click here.

Prospective staff or visiting academic visa and/or work-permit-type queries: please contact the UCT Human Resources Recruitment and Development section - telephone +27 21 650 3812.

Accommodation for visiting academics and staff: please visit the All Africa House web pages, email Cally de Waal or telephone +27 21 650 4152 or fax +27 21 689 5109.

General international or national high-level delegations: please email Campbell Lyons or telephone +27 21 650 3730.

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