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Strategic initiatives

Safety & Violence Initiative (SaVI)


SaVI logoUCT's Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI) made its public debut on 1 April 2011. The Initiative covers one of the national priorities - crime and violence - identified by the vice-chancellor, Dr Max Price, when he was first appointed. These were areas of interest and concern - along with poverty, climate change and education - he wanted to turn into strategic research drives at the university.

In response to an appeal for proposals at the end of 2009, Dr Catherine Ward of the Department of Psychology corralled UCT scholars and researchers from across the campus and first proposed the establishment of SaVI.

The Initiative brings together scholars from the Institute of Criminology, the Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit, the Law, Race and Gender Research Unit, the Department of Psychology, the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, the Department of Social Anthropology, the Department of Social Development, the Centre for Social Science Research (CSSR), and the Department of Surgery, among others.

SaVI is funded by the Vice-Chancellor's Strategic Fund, which has earmarked R500 000 for its start-up research projects.

Download SaVI's vision and mission document.

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Safety and violence out in the open
Monday Paper article
May 2011