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Key dates


Please note: the University reserves the right to change these dates. Before acting on any of the dates below confirmation should be sought from the appropriate office.

30 September 2014 Closing date for undergraduate applications
Request permission to write NBTs after 12 October 2014
Final date for submission of portfolios (Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) and Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art (BA(FA))
Submit TOEFL or IELTS test scores
Submit personal report for all MBChB applicants and curriculum vitae for MBChB applicants who have done tertiary studies (recommended but not compulsory)
31 October 2014 Closing date for programme changes
Closing date for student financial aid
Due date for predicted scores (for those currently at school and not writing the NSC in South Africa)
Submit 2014 mid-year transcript (for applicants registered at another tertiary institution in 2014)
15 December 2014 Final date to submit supporting documents (excluding final NSC results, final CIE results from the November 2013 examinations, final 2014 tertiary transcripts and matriculation exemption certificates)
Submit certified copies of final results (for those writing non-South African school-leaving certificates, e.g. IGCSE)
15 January 2015 Submit final 2014 tertiary transcripts (for applicants registered at another tertiary institution in 2014)
31 January 2015 Parent Orientation Day (local)
2 February 2015 Parent Orientation Day (out of town)
18 April UCT Open Day

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