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International applicants

Choosing UCT

Why choose UCT?

Ten good reasons to study at the University of Cape Town

  1. UCT is a world-class African university

  2. The magic of Cape Town
    • multicultural, vibrant, historical African city, spectacular mountains, beaches, outdoor life

  3. Wide choice of courses in six faculties.

  4. Supportive International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO)

  5. UCT courses are accredited by leading universities throughout the world

  6. New, career-orientated undergraduate degree programmes
    • interdisciplinary approach, flexible range of structured options with tight quality control

  7. Emphasis on research and post-graduate studies
    • 7.63% of the 26 277 students at UCT are enrolled for PhD or master's degrees
    • top-quality academic staff (22 of whom are recognised "world leaders in the field of science and engineering" - independent audit)

  8. Comprehensive student services

  9. Excellent student research resources

  10. Rooted in Africa with strong academic linkages across the continent through
    Existing African academic partnership programmes:
    • University Science, Humanities, Law, & Engineering Partnerships in Africa (USHEPiA)
    • Africa Regional International Student / Staff Exchange: Food Security and Sustainable Human Wellbeing (ARISE)
    • Third World Organisation for Women in Science (TWOWS)
    Existing UCT departments / residences:
    • Centre for African Studies
    • African Gender Institute
    • All Africa House

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International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO)


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