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International applicants

International Full Degree Students


The University of Cape Town is host to over 4,500 international students from 104 different countries. The majority of these students are registered for full degree studies across UCT’s faculties. The University values the contribution that international students make to the academic, social and cultural life of the institution.

The primary objective of the International Full Degree (IFD) student section within the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) is to develop strategic initiatives and offer core services that enhance the academic and social experience of international undergraduate and postgraduate full degree students at UCT. The section also maintains formal relations with various UCT & external constituencies to address issues affecting international full degree students. In addition the section contributes to the enhancement of UCT’s strategic goal of being a research led institution. The following assistance, advice and support is offered by the IFD section:

For additional information on IAPO's services to international degree students, visit the website of the International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO).

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