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International applicants

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Pre-Registration Process Process (2014)
To be considered for undergraduate admission, international applicants must qualify for a matriculation exemption from the South African Matriculation Board, they must meet UCT's language requirements, and they must meet certain minimum faculty entry requirements.

All applications from international applicants are assessed individually.

Minimum requirements

Matriculation exemption

The minimum requirement for admission is a matriculation exemption. If you have only the O-level or IGCSE examinations you will not be eligible for a matriculation exemption; you should complete the first year at a local university before applying to UCT.

Applicants who have passed or completed the first year of a four-year qualification in countries such as Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia and Kenya may apply for a foreign conditional exemption from the Matriculation Board.

Full details of matriculation regulations are given on the Matriculation Board website or by email: Beppie@hesa-enrol.ac.za or to exemptions@hesa-enrol.ac.za.

Some faculties require more than academic ability. Applicants for the Schools of Music and Fine Art, for example, must provide proof of their creative talents. Please check with your chosen faculty directly to see if there are any special requirements.

Language requirement

The medium of instruction and examination at UCT is English. International applicants for whom English is a second language have to pass specific language tests.
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Faculty-specific requirements

In addition to matriculation exemption, each faculty has laid down certain minimum admission requirements. These are the subjects and the grades you need to achieve in your final school-leaving examinations in order to be considered. Minimum subject requirements are as follows:

Commerce: A satisfactory pass in mathematics in the final year of schooling.
Engineering & the Built Environment: A satisfactory pass in mathematics in the final year of schooling. Applicants for engineering and geomatics also require a satisfactory pass in chemistry and/or physics. Applicants for architectural studies must submit a portfolio of creative work.
Health Sciences: A satisfactory pass in mathematics and chemistry and/or physics.
Humanities and Law: A satisfactory pass in English. A pass in mathematics is recommended for Law.
Science: Satisfactory passes in mathematics and a natural science subject (chemistry, physical science or biology). If you have not completed physical science in your school-leaving examinations, you may not be eligible for certain study options in science.

For each faculty, you will have to achieve a minimum score in the required subjects listed above. For further information criteria for admission or email the UCT Admissions Office at admissions@uct.ac.za.

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