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Short courses & workshops in 2016

Dates Title Details Venue Contact
09 May Effective Writing for Business and Industry This 6-week online course by Assoc Prof Jane English covers the variety of skills required to convey a message and it describes the requirements in terms of style and format of the different documents commonly written. Read more... Online Sandra Jemaar
09 May Sustainable Urban Systems This transdisciplinary course aims to explore the need for, and ways of, undertaking 'restructuring' sustainable urban systems. Read more... New Engineering Building Sandra Jemaar
09 May Fundamentals of Radar Signal and Data Processing This course presents the principles and techniques fundamental to the operation of the signal processing found in a radar system. Read more... New Engineering Building Sandra Jemaar
09 May Optical Communication Systems The aim of this course is to impart knowledge of the physics and engineering practice of optical components and systems, and to enable students to apply theoretical knowledge and standards awareness to the design and performance analysis of complex optical communication systems. Read more... Menzies Building Sandra Jemaar
09 May Transport Demand Analysis and Project Assessment This course aims to develop an understanding of transport demand analysis and project assessment. Read more... New Engineering Building Sandra Jemaar
23 May Water Loss Management in Distribution Systems The aim of this course is to provide a structured introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of water loss management in distribution systems. Read more... New Engineering Building Sandra Jemaar
25 May Structural Concrete Properties and Practice The workshop will refresh the engineer's and technician's knowledge and understanding of concrete properties to enable him/her to rationally specify economic design solutions for reinforced concrete structures. Read more... Johannesburg Sandra Jemaar

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