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Seminars, talks & public lectures in 2016

Dates Title Details Venue Contact
13 Jun Gangs of Cape Town by Don Pinnock In April this year we witnessed, once again, gang warfare explode in Manenberg, Bonteheuwel and Hanover Park. Gangs have been part of Cape Town's townships for decades and the violence accompanying gang warfare seems to have increased in intensity, rather than abate in post-apartheid South Africa. Young adolescent males continue to find in gangs, not only a source of economic survival, but a powerful marker of identity and social status.
*Cost (per lecture): R84 (full fee); R42 (staff & students)
LT3, Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus, 18:00-19:00 RSVP
021 650 2888
14 Jun Biko on Black versus Non-white: Some Uses and Risks of Conceptual Ethics The Black Consciousness Movement's distinction between "black" and "non-white" is the topic of visiting professor B. Epstein's talk in UCT Philosophy Department's #PhilosophyInAfrica seminar series. Read more... Centre for African Studies seminar room, Level 3, Harry Oppenheimer Institute Building, UCT Upper Campus, 13:00-14:30 Philosophy in Africa
17 Jun MBA Information Session Call for Applications for 2017 MBA, UCT Graduate School of Business. Read more... Investec Bank plc, 2 Gresham Street, London, United Kingdom GSB Admissions
0860 UCT GSB (828 472)
20 Jun The Wreck of the SS Solglimt by Jaco Boshoff In 1908, the Norwegian seal hunting vessel the Solglimt struck an uncharted rock in a small bay on Marion Island in the sub-Antarctic. A crew of more than seventy men survived the wrecking and built a village of shacks where they spent three months before being rescued. In 2013 an archaeological expedition investigated the survivor campsite and in 2014 explored the wreck of the Solglimt itself. This presentation will discuss the archaeology and some of the history unearthed about this unusual story in the far South. LT3, Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus, 18:00-19:00 RSVP
021 650 2888
22 Jun Are We Alone? by Dr Robin Catchpole We live in a universe perfectly suited to our existence, containing galaxies, stars, planets and the building blocks of life. On Earth, life is found in rocks, ice and boiling water, suggesting it would be impossible to destroy before the Sun becomes a red giant and causes our planet to evaporate. Yet space is silent, suggesting that though simple life may be common, technologically advanced life might be very rare. In this lecture, Dr Robin Catchpole, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, will first present the evidence, then take a closer look at the development of life on Earth, before considering why we might be the only self-aware observers of our universe.
*Cost (per lecture): R84 (full fee); R42 (staff & students).
LT3, Kramer Law Building, Middle Campus, 18:00-19:00 RSVP
021 650 2888
23 Jun MPhil in Inclusive Innovation Info Session Call for Applications for 2017: MPhil in Inclusive Innovation, UCT GSB. If you think you have what it takes, come to an info session. Read more... Learning Lab, MTN Solution Space, UCT Graduate School of Business GSB admissions
021 406 1338/9
30 Jun International Women's Network and the White Rose Consortium Guest speakers from the University of Sheffield: Professor Caitlan Buck Ms Claire Pickerdon Professor Julie Gray. Read more... Wolfson Pavilion, IDM Building, Health Sciences Faculty, 13:00 Debbie Victor
021 6504328

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