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Seminars, talks & public lectures in 2015

Dates Title Details Venue Contact
12 Feb Future economic-political scenarios for South Africa, by Dr Frans Cronje Dr Cronje is CEO of the South African Institute of Race Relations and author of the book A Time Traveller's Guide to Our Next Ten Years. More... Seminar Room, 4th Floor, School of Economics, 13h00-14h00 Mark Ellyne
021 650 5176
16 Feb The emergence of truth in natural sciences, by Prof Bengt Gustafsson Public Lecture by Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) Distinguished Scholar and Astrophysicist Prof Bengt Gustafsson. More... Teaching Venue 3A, New Snape Building, University of Cape Town, 17h00 Natalie Bent
021 650 3817
19 Feb Estimating level and trend in old age mortality in South Africa, by Ron Richman Actuarial Science/Demography seminar. More... Beattie 114, Beattie Building, Upper Campus, 13h00-14h00 Zerina Matthews
23 Feb Frontier Migration, Xenophilia and Xenophobia: Navigating South Africa's Multiple Cultural Time Zones, by Dr Melissa T Myambo Sociology Seminar Series. More... Sociology Seminar Room, Leslie Social Sciences, Rm 4.51, 13h00 Gina Fourie
021 650 3515
24 Feb The value of caring relationships by Dr Moises Vaca Philosophy Society Meeting. Lecture Theatre 2, Humanities Building, 20h00 Liz Gubb
021 650 3316
24 Feb A Time of Monsters: what happened in the 20th Century, and what comes next? by Sir Robert Cooper EU Inspiring Thinkers Lecture & Debate Series. Find out how geopolitical realignments set in motion by the end of the Cold War are likely to affect and define the 21st Century, with political strategist, advisor, author, diplomat Sir Robert Cooper. More... Lecture Theatre: Kramer LT 3, Middle Campus, 17h45 for 18h00 Frank Oberholzer
24 Feb The Social Consequences of Class Formation among Black South Africans in the 2000s: Evidence from the South African Reconciliation Barometer, by Jeremy Seekings CSSR lunchtime seminar. Lunch served from 12h30. CSSR Seminar Room (Leslie Social Science 4.29), 12h50-14h00 Nondumiso Hlwele
021 650 4656
25 Feb Photography Against the Grain: Rethinking Kenya's Colonial Archive, by Annie E Coombes Michaelis School of Fine Art lunchtime lecture by Professor Annie E Coombes, Director of the Peltz Gallery and Professor of Material and Visual CultureDepartment of History of Art, Birkbeck College, University of London. Read more... Hiddingh Campus, 37 Orange St, Gardens, Cape Town, 13h00-14h00 Sharon Werthen
021 480 7111
26 Feb Improving portfolio allocation through covariance matrix filtering, by Daron Golden Actuarial Science/Demography seminar. Read more... Beattie 114, Beattie Building, Upper Campus, 13h00-14h00 Zerina Matthews
26 Feb White Afrikaans Women in South Africa: Race to Respectability, by Christi van der Westhuizen Seminar in the HUMA Seminar Series. More... HUMA Seminar room, 4th Floor, Humanities Building, Upper Campus, 13h00-14h30 Heather Maytham
021 685 5686

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