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Meeting times

14h00 to 15h30 & 16h00 to 17h30
Members are entitled to leave the meeting at the end of 90 minutes unless the Chair has asked members at least three days beforehand to set aside a longer period.

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Meetings in 2014

Dates Description
Monday, September 1 Vacation
SEC (14h00)
Budget Submissions Due, EMWG (14h00)
Tuesday, September 2 Vacation
FAAC (08h30), Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 13h30), SAC (14h00)
Wednesday, September 3 Vacation
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 13h00), UCTRF AGM (13h00)
Thursday, September 4 Vacation
Early Assessment results on system
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 16h30), QAC (14h00)
Friday, September 5 Vacation
Deans' meeting (08h30-10h30)
SLG (Quarterly Review) (13h30-17h30)
Saturday, September 6 Vacation
Sunday, September 7 Vacation
Monday, September 8 Teaching day 31
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00-16h30), DTA (16h00)
Tuesday, September 9 Teaching day 32
Finance Managers meeting (08h30)
BfGS (14h00), FHS Board (16h30)
Wednesday, September 10 Teaching day 33
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00-16h30)
PAAC (14h00), PSFC Sub-Cmt (14h00)
Thursday, September 11 Teaching day 34
Humanities Board (14h00), Library WG (14h00)
Friday, September 12 Teaching day 35
UFC (08h30 - 11h30)
SENATE (14h00)
Monday, September 15 Teaching day 36
P&BWG Budget Reviews (All day)
WOAC (14h00), Science Faculty Board (14h30)
Tuesday, September 16 Teaching day 37
P&BWG Budget Reviews (All day)
Wednesday, September 17 Teaching day 38
P&BWG Budget Reviews (All day)
PC09 2014, Residences Forum (16h00)
Thursday, September 18 Teaching day 39
P&WB Budget Reviews (All day), UB&DC (08h00)
Friday, September 19 Teaching day 40
P&WB Budget Reviews (All day),Ops MAG (08h30- 10h00)
JEC (10h00 - 10h45), EBE Board (14h00), (Vera Davie Cmt (14h00)
Sunday, September 21 ICTS Maintenance Slot
Monday, September 22 Teaching day 41
P&WB Budget Reviews (All day),
Archives Advisory Cmt (14h00), Council Remuneration Cmt (16h00)
Tuesday, September 23 Teaching day 42
P&WB Budget Reviews (All day), Law Board (14h00)
PSFC (14h00), UCTRF Investment Cmt (14h00)
Wednesday, September 24 PUBLIC HOLIDAY Heritage Day
Rosh Hashanah from sunset
Thursday, September 25 Teaching day 43, Rosh Hashanah 1
PASS Forum (08h30), SSMAg (09h30), Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 13h00), Orientation Coordinating Cmt (11h00)
Nominations Cmt (14h00), URC Sub-Cmt (14h00), EBE FEC (14h00)
Baxter Exco (16h00), Residences Cmt (17h00)
Friday, September 26 Teaching day 44, Rosh Hashanah 2
UCTRF Trustees (14h00)
Saturday, September 27 COUNCIL (10h00)
Monday, September 29 Teaching day 45
P&BWG Budget Post Review First Pass (08h30 - 17h00)
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 16h30), Commerce Faculty Board (14h30 - 16h30)
Tuesday, September 30 Teaching day 46
Faculty Merit Cmt (09h00 - 13h30), T&LC (14h00)
URC (14h00), Org Health Forum (14h00), DTA (16h00)

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