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Building, department & office list

This list can be used in conjunction with the campus maps - the map co-ordinates below refer to the individual campus maps.

A - C | D - F | G - I | J - L | M - O | P - R | S - U | V - Z

Building/departmentCampus/mapMap co-ordinates
Academic Development Programme (Hlanganani)Upper CampusC7
Accounting (Leslie Commerce Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Administrative Offices (Bremner Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusL3
Admissions Office (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
African Gender Institute (All Africa House)Middle/Lower CampusK3
African Studies: Centre for (Oppenheimer Inst.)Upper CampusC2
All Africa HouseMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Allan Cormack House (2 Rhodes Avenue, Mowbray)Middle/Lower CampusH2
Anaesthesia (Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Anatomy BuildingMedical School CampusR3
Animal Demography Unit (John Day Zoology Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Archaeology (Beattie Bldg)Upper CampusD4
Architecture and Planning: School of (Centlivres Bldg)Upper CampusD2
Arena Theatre (Hiddingh Campus)Hiddingh CampusL16
AC Jordan BldgUpper CampusD5
ASPECT (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
Astronomy (RW James Bldg)Upper CampusD10
Barnard Fuller BuildingMedical School CampusR6
Baxter HallLower CampusN7
Baxter Theatre CentreMiddle/Lower CampusO3
Beattie BuildingUpper CampusD4
Bertram House Hiddingh CampusJ18
Bertram PlaceHiddingh CampusJ17
Biochemistry (Molecular Biology Bldg)Upper CampusC10
Bird Ringing Unit (SAFRING) (John Day Zoology Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Boehringer Ingelheim Lung InstituteMedical School CampusH9
Bolus Herbarium (HW Pearson Bldg)Upper CampusD9
Bookshop (Steve Biko Students Union)Upper CampusC8
Botany (HW Pearson Bldg)Upper CampusD9
Botany GlasshouseUpper CampusE10
BraemarMedical School CampusS3
Breakwater Lodge, Breakwater CampusBreakwater Campus-
Bremner Building - Central AdministrationMiddle/Lower CampusL3
Burg RoadMiddle/Lower CampusO1
Burnage - Campus Protection ServicesMiddle/Lower CampusM5
Cadbol HouseMiddle/Lower CampusL13
Cambria HouseMiddle/Lower CampusI1
Campus Protection Services (Burnage)Middle/Lower CampusO5
Campus Protection Services (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Cardiovascular Research Unit (Chris Barnard Bldg)Medical School CampusR7
Careers Service (Hoerikwaggo Bldg)Upper CampusB8
Cecil RoadMiddle/Lower CampusM12
Centlivres BuildingUpper CampusD2
Centre for African Studies (Oppenheimer Institute)Upper CampusC2
Centre for Higher Education Dev [CHED] (Hlanganani)Upper CampusC7
Centre for Jewish Studies (Kaplan Centre)Upper CampusC2
CERECAM [Computational & Applied Mechanics] (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
Chancellor Oppenheimer LibraryUpper CampusC6
Chemical EngineeringUpper CampusB5
Chemical Engineering BuildingUpper CampusB5
Chemistry MallUpper CampusC10
Chemistry(PD Hahn Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Child Guidance Clinic (Isaac Albow Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusO8
Chris Barnard BuildingMedical School CampusR7
Civil Engineering (Snape Bldg)Upper CampusB4
Clarinus (Groote Schuur Hospital Complex)Medical Groote Schuur CampusQ11
Classroom Facilities Unit (Maintenance Bldg)Upper CampusB2
Clinical Laboratory Science (Werner Beit, Falmouth &Chris Barnard Bldgs)Medical School CampusR6
College HouseMiddle/Lower CampusO9
College of MusicMiddle/Lower CampusN4
Commerce Building (Leslie Commerce)Upper CampusC3
Communication & Marketing Dept (La Grotta)Middle/Lower CampusK1
Communication & Marketing Dept (Welgelegen)Middle/Lower CampusK7
Computational & Applied Mechanics (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
Computer ScienceUpper CampusD8
Computer Science BuildingUpper CampusD8
Construction Economics & Management (Centlivres Bldg)Upper CampusD2
Cricket PavilionMiddle/Lower CampusL4
Criminology - Centre of (Kramer Law Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Cross-Campus RoadMiddle/Lower CampusK6
Development and Alumni Dept (Old Admin Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusM4
Development Policy Research Institute (DPRU) (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Disability Unit (Steve Biko Students Union Bldg)Upper CampusC7
Discrimination & Harrassment Office [DISCHO] (The Cottage, Lovers Walk)Middle/Lower Campus-M3
Drama: Little Theatre WorkshopHiddingh CampusK16
Dullah Omar HallLower CampusP10
Economics: School ofMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Educare CentreUpper CampusA3
Education: School of (Neville Alexander Bldg)Upper CampusC2
Edwin Hart AnnexMiddle/Lower CampusL12
Egyptian BuildingHiddingh CampusJ17
Electrical & Mechanical Engineering BuildingUpper CampusD5
Electrical Engineering (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
Electron Microscope Unit (RW James Bldg)Upper CampusD10
Energy Research Centre (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
Engineering MallUpper CampusB3
Engineering Management, School of (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
English Language & Literature (AC Jordan Bldg)Upper CampusD5
Enquiries Office (Admin) (Bremner Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusL3
Environmental & Geographical Science BuildingUpper CampusB7
Extra-Mural Studies (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusK3
Falmouth BuildingMedical School CampusS6
Fees OfficeKramer Law BldgK3
Fine Art - Michaelis School of (Hiddingh Campus)Hiddingh Campus-K18
Forest Hill (Main Rd, Mowbray)Lower CampusI7
Fuller HallUpper CampusE5
Gardens DepartmentUpper CampusA4
Gender Health & Justice Research Unit (Falmouth Bldg)Medical School CampusS6
Geological SciencesUpper CampusC4
Geological Sciences BuildingUpper CampusC4
Geological Sciences Extension BuildingUpper CampusB2
Geomatics (Menzies Bldg)Upper CampusC4
GlenaraMiddle/Lower CampusN3
GlenresMiddle/Lower CampusO10
Graça Machel HallMiddle/Lower CampusN6
Graduate School of Business (Breakwater Campus)Breakwater Campus-
Graphic Design Building (Hiddingh Campus)Hiddingh CampusL17
Groote Schuur Mansions and Res Main Rd, R/bosch)Main Road/Rondebosch-
GymMiddle/Lower CampusM6
H W Pearson BuildingUpper CampusD9
Hahn, P D, BuildingUpper CampusC9
HAICU [HIV/AIDS Inclusivity & Change Unit] (Ivan Toms Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusL11
Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Health Economics UnitMedical School CampusS4
Health Sciences LibraryMedical School CampusR8
Hiddingh HallHiddingh CampusK17
Historical Studies (Beattie Bldg)Upper CampusD4
HlangananiUpper CampusC7
HoerikwaggoUpper CampusB8
Human Biology (Anatomy Bldg)Upper CampusR3
IAPO (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
ICTS Front Office (Computer Science Bldg)Upper CampusD8
ICTS on Main (Main Rd, Rosebank )Middle/Lower CampusH1, N14
Immelman BuildingUpper CampusC6
Information CentreUpper CampusE10
Information & Library Studies (PD Hahn Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Information Systems, Centre for (Breakwater Campus)Breakwater Campus-
Information Systems, Dept of (Leslie Commerce Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Information & Communication Technology Services [ICTS] – see ICTS  
Institute of Ageing in Africa (Old Groote Schuur Hosp.)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Institute of Child Health (Red Cross Children's Hospital)Klipfontein Road/Rondebosch-
Institute of Infectious Disease & Molecular Medicine (Wolfson Pavilion)Medical School CampusR5
International Academic Programmes Office [IAPO] (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Irma Stern MuseumMiddle/Lower CampusK7
Isaac Albow Building (Child Guidance)Middle/Lower CampusM7
Jagger LibraryUpper CampusD6
James, R W, BuildingUpper CampusD10
Jameson HallUpper CampusC6
Jameson PlazaUpper CampusD6
Japonica WalkMiddle/Lower CampusJ1
Jewish Studies & Research - Kaplan Centre forUpper CampusC2
John Day Zoology BuildingUpper CampusC9
JP Duminy CourtMiddle/Lower CampusM10
Kaplan CentreUpper CampusC2
KilindiniMiddle/Lower CampusM7
KopanoMiddle/Lower CampusL6
Kramer Law SchoolMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Languages & Literatures, School ofUpper CampusD4
Law SchoolMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Legal Aid Clinic (Kramer Law Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Legal Practice – School for (Old Med School Bldg, Hiddingh)Hiddingh CampusO4
Leo Marquard HallMiddle/Lower CampusM5
Leslie Commerce BuildingUpper CampusC3
Leslie Social Sciences BuildingUpper CampusC3
Library RoadUpper CampusC1
Library: Chancellor OppenheimerUpper CampusC6
Library: Child Health (Red Cross Children's Hospital)Klipfontein Road/Rondebosch-
Library: HiddinghHiddingh CampusO3
Library: JaggerUpper CampusD6
Library: Law (Kramer Law Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusI2
Library: Medical (Health Sciences Campus)Medical School CampusR8
Library: WH Bell MusicMiddle/Lower CampusL3
Liesbeeck Gardens (Durban Road, Mowbray)Durban Road/Mowbray-
Linguistics & Southern African Languages (AC Jordan Bldg)Upper CampusD5
Little Theatre Workshop (Hiddingh)Hiddingh CampusO1
Lovers WalkMiddle/Lower CampusK2
Lung InstituteHealth Sciences CampusH9
Maintenance BuildingUpper CampusB2
Management Studies: School of (Leslie Commerce Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Masingene (Student Administration)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Mathematics BuildingUpper CampusD7
Medical ResidenceMedical School CampusR7
MeulenhofMain Road/MowbrayI5
Menzies BuildingUpper CampusC4
Molecular Biology BuildingUpper CampusC11
New Science Lecture Theatre (NSLT)Upper CampusC10
Obz Square (Main Rd, Observatory)Health Sciences Campus/Main Road-William StreetI11
Off Campus Student Accommodation Services [OCSAS] (Meulenhof, Main Rd, Mowbray)Main Road/MowbrayI6
Old Admin BuildingMiddle/Lower CampusM4
Old Medical School Building (Hiddingh)Hiddingh CampusK18
Ombud, Office of the (1-4 Lovers Walk)Middle/Lower CampusM5
Oppenheimer InstituteUpper CampusC2
Ornithology (John Day Zoology Bldg)Upper CampusD9
Otto Beit BuildingUpper CampusD7
Paediatrics & Child Health (Red Cross Children's Hospital, Klipfontein Road, Rondebosch)Klipfontein Road/Rondebosch-
P D Hahn BuildingUpper CampusC9
Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (John Day Zoology Bldg)Upper CampusD9
Philosophy (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Physical Planning Unit (Meulenhof, Main Rd, Mowbray)Main Road/MowbrayI5
Physics (RW James Bldg)Upper CampusD10
Political Studies (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Post Office (Rhodes Gift)Upper CampusD7
Postgraduate Funding Office (Otto Beit Bldg)Upper CampusD7
Postgraduate Centre (Otto Beit Bldg)Upper CampusD7
Procurement & Payment Services (Allan Cormack House, 2 Rhodes Avenue)Middle/Lower CampusH2
Properties & Services (Meulenhof, Main Rd, Mowbray)Main Rd/MowbrayI5
Psychiatry & Mental Health (Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Psychology (PD Hahn Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Public Health & Primary Health Care (Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Quad Building (Hiddingh Campus)Hiddingh CampusK17
RW James BuildingUpper CampusD10
Radiation Medicine (Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Rag Organisation (Steve Biko Students Union)Upper CampusC7
Religious Studies (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Research Contracts & Intellectual Property Services [RCIPS] (Allan Cormack House)Middle/Lower CampusH2
Research Office (Allan Cormack House, 2 Rhodes Ave)Middle/Lower CampusH2
Residence RoadUpper CampusD2
Rhodes AvenueMiddle/Lower CampusO14
Rhodes Recreation GroundMiddle/Lower CampusM9
Ring RoadUpper CampusE11
Ritchie BuildingHiddingh CampusL16
Rochester House (Browning Rd)Groote Schuur Hospital and surroundsR14
RondebergMiddle/Lower CampusO1
RosedaleHiddingh CampusL15
Royal Society of Science (PD Hahn Bldg)Upper CampusC9
Rugby RoadUpper CampusE10
SA Labour Development and Research Unit (SALDRU) (10 University Ave)Middle/Lower CampusK3
School for Advanced Legal Studies (Kramer Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusK3
School of DanceMiddle/Lower CampusM5
School of Economics BuildingMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Schools Development Unit (Hoerikwaggo)Upper CampusB8
SHAWCO Office (Steve Biko Students Union)Upper CampusC7
Shell Court (Main Rd, Mowbray)Main Rd/MowbrayI5
Smuts HallUpper CampusE8
Snape BuildingUpper CampusB4
Soccer FieldMiddle/Lower CampusM7
Social Anthropology (AC Jordan Bldg)Upper CampusD5
Social Development (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Socio-Legal Research: Centre for (Kramer Law Bldg)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Sociology (Leslie Soc Sci Bldg)Upper CampusC3
Sports Administration (Sports Centre)Upper CampusF11
Sports CentreUpper CampusF11
Sports Fields: CricketMiddle/Lower CampusL4
Sports Fields: HockeyMiddle/Lower CampusL14
SoccerMiddle/Lower CampusM7
Sports Injuries Clinic (Sports Centre)Upper CampusF11
Sports Science Institute of SA (Boundary Rd, Newlands)Boundary Rd, Newlands-
Squash Courts - KopanoMiddle/Lower CampusJ5
Squash Courts - Medical (Barnard Fuller Bldg)Medical School CampusR6
Squash Courts - Sports CentreUpper CampusF11
SRC - Students' Representative Council (Steve Biko Students Union Bldg)Upper CampusC7
Staff Training & Development (Cambria House)Middle/Lower CampusJ1
Stanley RoadMiddle/Lower CampusL1
Statistical Sciences (Mathematics Bldg)Upper CampusD7
Steve Biko Students UnionUpper CampusC8
Student Administration (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Student Affairs, Dept of (Steve Biko Students Union)Upper CampusC8
Student Housing (Avenue House, Avenue Road)Middle/Lower CampusL12
Student Housing (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Student Records (Masingene)Middle/Lower CampusK3
Student Wellness Service (Ivan Toms Bldg, 28 Rhodes Ave)Middle/Lower CampusL11
Students' Union - MedicalMedical School CampusR6
Students' Union - RosedaleHiddingh CampusL15
Summer HouseMiddle/Lower CampusJ2
Surgery (Old Groote Schuur Hospital)Medical Groote Schuur Campus-
Swimming Pool & GymMiddle/Lower CampusM6
T B Davie CourtMiddle/Lower CampusP2
Tennis Courts (Middle/Lower Campus)Middle/Lower CampusJ3
Tennis Courts & Club HouseUpper CampusA7
The CottageMiddle/Lower CampusM3
The WoolsackMiddle/Lower CampusK4
Traffic Office (Geological Sciences Ext. Bldg)Upper CampusB2
Tugwell HallMiddle/Lower CampusG7
UCT Club (Sports Centre)Upper CampusF11
UCT Campus Store (Steve Biko Students Union)Upper CampusC8
UCT Private Academic Hospital (Groote Schuur Hospital complex)Groote Schuur Hospital and surrounds-
UCT/Unilever Institute of Strategic Marketing (10 University Ave)Upper CampusC1
University HouseMiddle/Lower CampusL10
Varietas (Matopo Rd, Mowbray)Middle/Lower CampusL13
Venue Bookings (Shell Court, Main Rd, Mowbray)Main Rd/MowbrayI5
Visitors Reception and Information CentreUpper CampusE10
WelgelegenMiddle/Lower CampusK7
Wernher Beit Building NorthMedical School CampusR6
Wernher Beit Building SouthMedical School CampusR4
Wilfred & Jules Kramer Law BuildingMiddle/Lower CampusK3
Wolfson PavilionMedical School CampusR5
Woolsack DriveMiddle/Lower CampusK6
Zoology (John Day Zoology Bldg)Upper CampusC9

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