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Annual appeal

UCT Annual Appeal 2014-2015

Annual Appeal funding priorities

Student Financial Aid

Insufficient funding presents a major barrier to students enrolling and succeeding in both undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. We are proud that at UCT, we can now offer financial aid to any student who is admitted to UCT on merit, but whose families cannot afford to pay full fees. We are only able to do this through the support of our valued donors and the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Please help us to continue giving this generation of students the chance to change their future.

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The University Endowment Fund

The University Endowment Fund is managed into perpetuity, thus guaranteeing the financial future of the University. Income from this fund contributes to UCT's most critical needs.

A gift you make to the endowment fund today will serve the University of Cape Town forever, helping us to fulfill our ongoing mission - to be an outstanding teaching and research university, educating for life and addressing the challenges facing our society.

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Expanding Residence Capacity

With a staggering increase of 50% in our student population over the past decade, the need to expand accommodation facilities has become urgent. A considerable number of UCT students are from beyond the Western Cape, with 20% from beyond South Africa. Ensuring that UCT continues to be the 'university of choice' for local and international students largely depends on our capacity to provide appropriate accommodation. Furthermore, many students from surrounding townships are faced with extremely unstable living environments and unsafe travelling conditions, making it impossible for them to remain on campus for after-hours study. Accompanied by the challenges of insufficient mentoring and limited access to computer facilities at home, these students' academic achievement is adversely affected. Being in residence therefore becomes their most critical factor for success.

In our goal to create a secure environment for all our students, we recently constructed Obz Square, a brand new 900-bed residence on Main Road, Observatory which is close to the renowned Groote Schuur Hospital. We are now working to expand our residence capacity by a further 700 beds through the refurbishment of existing residences. In order to do this, we need support from you - our community of alumni and friends.

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Ikwezi project

iKwezi, meaning 'star' is an Early Childhood Development (ECD) Primary School improvement project that offers continuing teacher professional development and site support from Grade R – 6 in the core subjects of Language and Mathematics. We believe that if learners firmly master the basic concepts in Grades R and 1, they can build on their knowledge and skills to achieve excellence in the higher grades and beyond. By promoting collaboration between teachers, providing support for school curriculum leaders and school management teams, encouraging parental involvement and working alongside education officials we believe we can have a significant impact on schools that need our help the most.

In 2014 iKwezi embarked on an exciting three-year Lead Teacher initiative in partnership with the Western Cape Metropole East Education District (MEED). The project supports Grade 3 – 6 peer-led Language and Mathematics professional development at school and district level. The goal of the project is to support Education Districts in the implementation of their District Improvement Plan (DIP).

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100-UP is a comprehensive programme that aims to prepare academically strong learners from Khayelitsha to compete for places at UCT. Five learners from each of the twenty high schools in Khayelitsha are recruited annually for participation in the 100-UP project, which aims to build their intellectual, cultural and social capital, in order to prepare them to enrol and succeed at a tertiary institution such as UCT.

The project takes the form of a three-year mentorship, tutoring and academic enrichment programme that begins when the learners are in Grade 10 and continues until they matriculate at the end of Grade 12. The goal of the project is to increase the number of learners from the Khayelitsha community who gain entrance into this and other universities, and in addition, to build institutional knowledge at UCT which will help inform the University's school-based interventions.

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Please see the funding priorities overview page for a full list of projects requiring support.

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