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Annual appeal

UCT Annual Appeal 2014-2015

UCT Alumni Give Back


Giving back where you can

Michael Tladi knows what it is to struggle. Orphaned at the age of five and forced to live on the streets, he saw the worst that life has to offer. But through personal perseverance and the generosity of others he was able to study at UCT, where last year he completed his degree in Engineering. Without financial aid, Michael says he would never have been able to get his education, achieve his goals, and thus make a better life for himself. Eternally grateful for the opportunities he's been given, Michael now mentors and motivates others - determined to provide sponsorship and give back however he can. "Sometimes we undermine the little things. But if we give and act as a community - no matter how much we give back individually - once it's accumulated, it's a lot," he says.


Making a positive change

Left a bequest by his mother, UCT alumnus Bruce Ackerman knew that he wanted to do something to give back to the university he held so dear. by setting up the Bruce & Raymond Ackerman 175 bursaries, he ensured that he could help those in financial need, make a positive change in the country, and honour his mother's memory all at the same time. Specifically targeting fields of study of which the country is in dire need, his bursaries have helped ensure that many will graduate where they may otherwise have failed, and so enable them to go on to lead South Africa. "We can't just rely on the government, a difference has to be made elsewhere," he says.


Changing students' lives

Our ability to help so many has been made possible largely through the generosity of donors, many of them staff - like Cindy de Oliveira. Cindy, who works in Financial Aid, has seen firsthand how desperately some students need a financial helping hand. Cindy is now a regular donor to UCT because she knows that the need always outstrips available funds. She says "The little bit that you would normally spend on unnecessary things – you can instead put towards really changing someone's life. And I've seen it - it really does change students' lives."

Why do YOU give to UCT? Please tell us your story.

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