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Friday, 27 February 2015

Young entrepreneurs making a difference

Sizwe Nizma In current economic times the need for entrepreneurs is greater than ever. The Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development's Cape Town campus – based at UCT's Graduate School of Business – aims to empower young people on their entrepreneurial journeys to rise above social, financial and academic constraints to reach their full potential.


Kidney transplants a viable option for some HIV-positive patients

Professor Elmi Muller The survival rates of HIV-positive patients who have received kidney transplants from HIV-positive donors are showing significant success, according to a recently published paper by UCT academics.


The conundrum of provisional truth in science

Professor Bengt Gustafsson Leading astrophysicist Professor Bengt Gustafsson asked researchers to consider the way they express ?provisional truth? in their quest for knowledge, when he addressed a packed lecture theatre in the New Snape Building earlier this month.


Ad hominem promotions celebrated

Faculty of Health Sciences ad hominem promotions

The university celebrated the achievements and recent ad hominem promotions of 104 members of staff at an event on 17 February 2015 at Smuts Dining Hall.


UCT launches student start-up revolution

UCT dance troupeAn uprising of a different kind was launched recently when Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price announced the start of a 20-week initiative in which UCT students are invited to imagine a new Africa.


Study tips for new students

Load shedding

Student life is exciting, but it can also be bewildering – especially when it comes to the actual work. Here are some tips to help you navigate the challenges and make the most of your student experience.


Prize–winning tips for writing clearly

Megan McClarenAs new students flex their writing skills at the start of the academic year, Meg McLaren's words of advice are handy: lucid writing begins with lucid thinking. And as winner of this year's Keswick Prize for Lucidity, Meg knows a thing or two about writing clearly – and avoiding academic obfuscation.


What to do when the power goes off

Load shedding

Loadshedding is a reality for at least the next six months. Here are some guidelines to help you know what to do when the power goes off.


Nurturing young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Olympiad

The School Entrepreneurship Olympiad, a partnership between the School Entrepreneurship Trust (SET) and UCT, recently brought together learners from 16 schools around Cape Town for a competition and conference aimed at nurturing a sense of entrepreneurship amongst youth.


Meet UCT's 2015 Rhodes Scholars

Rhodes Scholarship

Only 83 Rhodes Scholarships are awarded globally, from a pool of hundreds of applicants. In 2015, seven of the cohort have academic backgrounds at the University of Cape Town.


South Africa is the destination of choice for the University of Oslo

Oslo University

Norway's largest public institution of research and higher learning, the University of Oslo (UiO), has identified South Africa as a key strategic partner for increased future collaboration. To further this goal of building a closer relationship, a delegation from the university visited South Africa in early February.


Dr Max Price welcomes parents to campus

Parent Orientation

Vice-Chancellor Dr Max Price warmly welcomed new parents to the UCT community at the annual parent orientation that took place at Jameson Hall on Saturday 31 January and Monday 2 February 2015 – and encouraged them to get actively involved in the life of the university.


Leading academic praises gastrointestinal unit

Solly Marks

The commitment to the practice of gastroenterology at UCT's Gastrointestinal (GI) Clinic has left a lasting impression on a world leader in the field, who recently served there as a visiting professor.


Mother-tongue finance and accounting learning tool – a first in SA

Learn Accounting

UCT's College of Accounting has developed an innovative – and free – online teaching platform that will help thousands of students across South Africa master complex accounting and business principles in their mother tongue.


Ace networking and collaboration skills needed for global research

UCT Global Health Fellows Programme

With so many areas of need in the global health arena, research opportunities abound. But world-class research is increasingly dependent on sound networking and collaboration skills, PhD fellows learnt at the recent Imperial-UCT Global Health Fellows Programme.


Information Systems' green curriculum showcased at Davos

World Economic Forum

On show at the recent World Economic Forum in Davos was the carbon footprint component of the Department of Information System's curriculum, as part of a top-level report of campus sustainability studies from 25 leading universities.


Habib and Davis judge for themselves

Professors Dennis Davis and Adam Habib

Summer School hosted a lively discussion late last month when eminent academics Professors Dennis Davis and Adam Habib debated key issues relating to democracy and higher education in South Africa.


Marking the passing of André P Brink

Andre P Brink

It is with great sadness that UCT and its extended community notes the passing of celebrated author and Honorary Professor André P Brink.


Top astrophysicist reveals truth in natural sciences

Prof Bengt Gustafsson

World-renowned astrophysicist, scholar and science communicator Professor Bengt Gustafsson will give a public lecture titled The Emergence of Truth in Natural Sciences at UCT on 16 February.


GSB among the best in the world

Graduate School of Business

UCT's Graduate School of Business has been ranked 52 in the annual Financial Times full-time MBA ranking, up from 59 in 2014, and listed among some of the world's best business schools.


New collaboration takes Africa to Switzerland

ETH Zurich

UCT has signed a memorandum of understanding with leading European university, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), strengthening a collaboration that will facilitate a two-way exchange of high-level ideas on issues crucial to both continents.


Neglect exacerbating rheumatic heart disease

Bongani Mayosi

Primary healthcare systems in many low- and middle-income countries are not prioritising simple, effective measures to treat rheumatic heart disease, a preventable disease, says a new study lead by UCT's Professor Bongani Mayosi and published in the European Heart Journal.


Mysterious death of Oscar Wilde's wife finally explained

Constance Wilde

For over a century the sudden death of Constance Wilde, wife of the famous author and playwright, Oscar Wilde, has remained a mystery. Now, thanks to medical sleuthing by retired UCT academic and psychiatrist, Dr Ashley Robins, and the Wilde's grandson, Merlin Holland, the cause of Constance's death may finally have been discovered.


Time–lapse photos show dramatic environmental change
Time-lapse photos

Before–and–after photos show how climate change is affecting South Africa. From these pictures, researchers are making predictions about other regions. But can anything still be done about it?


Making money out of wastewater: Falling Walls young innovator 2014

Dyllon Randall

Dr Dyllon Randall presented a profit-making opportunity for wastewater treatment at the Falling Walls Lab competition in Berlin in November 2014. Randall won third place, the second year in a row a UCT graduate has been placed third in the prestigious international competition.


More than a gut feeling: the good news and the bad about parasitic worms

parasitic worm

Around a billion people living in the developing regions of sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Americas are infected with at least one type of parasitic worm. These worms – including hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms – collectively known as helminths, cause some of the most common infections in the developing world.


How mining crime data can help create safer, smarter cities

Crime scene

Can information and communication technology improve citizens' well-being? Computer scientist and UCT doctoral fellow Omowunmi Isafiade was recently selected as one of eight sub-Saharan L'Oreal UNESCO Women in Science fellows for her work in developing a situation-recognition system to increase public safety.


How can we prepare nurses to deal with death and dying?
Drawing by nurseA new course is needed in the nursing curriculum to help nurses prepare for the reality of patients who die under their care, new research reveals. Read more...

Tribute to the late Prof Sandra Burman

Sandra Burman

Professor Hugh Corder recently paid tribute to the late Emeritus Professor Sandra Burman on behalf of UCT and the Faculty of Law. Burman, who had spent the majority of her academic career in the faculty, passed away in January.


UCT three get royal honours

Queen's Award

Three UCT philanthropists are among 60 young leaders to receive an award from Queen Elizabeth II in recognition of their work in local communities.


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