Great Texts/Big Questions: Dr Ebrahim Harvey

The fourth lecture in the ICA's 2019 Great Texts/Big Questions series takes place on Thursday, 14 March with political writer and former COSATU trade unionist  Dr Ebrahim Harvey.  Harvey focuses on the rolling tide of protests in black townships and argues that this is the result of the neoliberal decision by the ANC government to commercialise and commodify basic services, such as water, sanitation and electricity. He also considers the impact this has had on support for the ANC.
The theme underpinning this Great Texts series - "Imagining Futures" - is drawn in part from Kodwo Eshun’s essay, ‘Further Considerations on Afrofuturism,’ in which he writes that ‘it is clear that power now operates predictively as much as retrospectively.’ The present, Eshun argues, is saturated with articulations of the future commissioned by various powerful actors, ‘that are primarily concerned with making futures safe for the market.’ Departing from this standpoint, the intention for this Great Texts series is to offer talks that intervene in the production and distribution of these futures. The work of imagining futures, Eshun says, ‘constitutes a chronopolitical act’ – a radical attempt to re-engineer the present.

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Thu, 14 Mar 2019 -
18:00 to 19:30

UCT’s Hiddingh Campus, 31 – 37 Orange Street

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021 650 7156