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Readmission Appeal Information for 2015
UCT Holiday Care (11 Dec to 20 Jan)
Campus Announcement on Ebola
Eskom load shedding: UCT contingency plan
Accept 2015 Student Housing offers online (returning students only)


Paediatric Brain Tumour Workshop (PBTW)
29 Nov - 30 Nov

Rustenburg Memorial Conversations: Commemorating Emancipation Day
01 Dec

Symposium on Conspicuous Consumption in Africa
03 Dec - 06 Dec

Symposium on Conspicuous Consumption in Africa Conference Opening
03 Dec

International Network of Genocide Scholars 4th Global Conference
04 Dec - 07 Dec

Only following orders? Re-evaluating Milgram, Arendt and the psychology of obedience, by Prof Stephen Reicher
04 Dec

Book launch: Uncertain Curature in and out of the Archive
04 Dec

Grounded by George Brant
04 Dec - 13 Dec

The Pervert Laura
04 Dec - 20 Dec

My Forever Friend
10 Dec - 10 Jan


Saturday, 29 November 2014

UCT among the finalists of negotiation competition

Copenhagen Competition

A team of law, engineering and economics students from UCT competed in the final stage of the Copenhagen Competition, recently held in Denmark.


Hundred-year milestone for taxpayers

Tax Conference

Democratisation ushered in a new era for South African taxpayers, doing away with discrimination based on gender and marital status in the tax system as well as fostering greater engagement with and openness from the revenue authorities than ever before.


UCT is a 'gem in South Africa's crown of research'

Parliamentary Visit

Members of Parliament's Portfolio Committee on Science and Technology were given a snapshot of UCT's research output on a recent visit to the university, where various researchers outlined the work in their respective disciplines.


Ebola: experiences at the frontline


Two South African doctors helping with the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone have appealed to health experts to keep focus on supporting efforts to stop the infectious disease in West Africa, and not be paralysed by hype and fear.


The plight of LGBT patients


Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender(LGBT) patients face considerable discrimination in South Africa's healthcare system, according to ongoing research.


Memorial lecture honours 'father of gastroenterology'

Solly Marks Memorial LectureAlmost two years after his death, gastroenterology luminary Professor Solly Marks was remembered at the inaugural Solly Marks Memorial Lecture delivered by visiting Professor Eamonn Quigley.


Latest Newsbyte

Click to visit the latest Byte-size newsSA College of Music immortalised in new ringtones

The South African College of Music (SACM) at UCT has produced five of the new Microsoft Lumia 535 ringtones as part of the Microsoft Sounds of the World project, which has been creating ringtones from regions around the world.

The project, championed by principal sound designer at Microsoft, Henry Daw, was initiated a year ago with the idea of creating localised ringtones for their devices. Inspiration for the project started in the School of Oriental and African Studies' (SOAS) music department in London, where ethnomusicology is a main focus. From there, Microsoft decided to take the project global. Daw and his team visited four continents and met more than 150 music students in their search for the right ringtones. He set up workshops and seminars with the SACM, the Shanghai Conservatory of Music in China and the KM Music Conservatory in India. The final selection are now included as ringtones on the Lumia 535, the first Microsoft-branded Lumia.

"Creating different ringtones from the four corners of the Earth, and learning about music cultures and music education, was an eye-opening experience," says Daw. "In Cape Town, the African percussion department introduced to us some drums I'd never even heard of."

Listen to the SACM ringtones playlist here:

African Hue by Bubele Booi
Back in Town by Jonathan Prest
Djembe Jig by Siyabulela Jiyana and Keketso Bolofo
Kalimba Sunrise by Frank Panaou and Rashid Adams
Tabletop by Siyabulela Jiyana and Keketso Bolofo/

Click here to listen to more ringtones http://lumiaconversations.microsoft.com/2014/11/18/lumias-latest-regional-ringtones-born/

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