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Freedom Day
UCT staff and students remember what the struggle for freedom looked like on campus. Read their stories.
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Teaching with Visuals - Part 2
04 May

The Land Occupation as a Tactic: Community Organisation and Contentious Politics in Lower Crossroads, Cape Town, by Rayner Teo
05 May

UCT Symphonic Wind Ensemble
05 May

06 May

Teaching with Visuals - Part 2
06 May

Estimating of migration from the 2011 Census, by Prof Rob Dorrington
07 May

'The Fire Below': Towards a New Study of literatures and cultures (in English), by Victoria Collis-Buthelezi
07 May

Teaching with Visuals - Part 2
08 May

Using PowerPoint Effectively for Teaching and Learning
11 May

Migrant Organising and Civic Agency in Cape Town, by Leah Mundell
12 May

Transform UCT


What started as a question around whether UCT should continue to house a statue of Cecil John Rhodes on its campus has become a much larger movement for change, a call to re-imagine and re-engage with what a transformed African and South African university looks like – whether in terms of its ethos, curriculum, research, symbols, policies or demographics.

UPDATE: While the Rhodes statue has been temporarily removed, UCT is applying for its permanent removal – a process that involves a public consultation process. Mail rhodes.statue@chand.co.za to comment on this final step.

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Affordable heart valves to help rheumatic heart disease sufferers

Peter Zilla

Cardiac surgery techniques and technology were driven, in the 1960s in Europe and America, by the high death toll from rheumatic heart disease (RHD). In the 1970s the global burden of disease changed and RHD all but disappeared in the global north, however it continues to kill hundreds of thousands in the developing world. A locally developed heart valve is set to change that.


Postgrads showcase winning research

Postgrads showcase

The very nature of the university as we know it is changing, Dr Marilet Sienaert, executive director of the Research Office, said at the recent UCT Postgraduate Research Expo.


Campus trees on the mend after ring-barking


The three camphor trees along Stanley Road on middle campus that were stripped of their bark in December last year are responding well to treatment after arborist and conservation forester Riaan van Zyl applied "tree paste" to the stems.


Confucius Institute: A bridge between Africa and China

Assoc Prof Shengyong Qin

Not only is China Africa's largest trading partner, but nearly 1.2 billion people (around 16% of the world's population) speak some form of Chinese as their first language. Thanks to the Confucius Institute, UCT students can emerge from their studies fluent in Chinese language and culture, and prepared to engage with the role this growing economic powerhouse plays on the continent.


Huge numbers at Mathematics Competition

Mathematics Competition

No fewer than 7 500 students from across the Western Cape converged on upper campus on 16 April to take part in UCT's Mathematics Competition. They came from as nearby as Rondebosch and as far afield as Bredasdorp and George, all with the single purpose of solving some of the toughest mathematics they will encounter in their high school careers.


UCT condemns xenophobic attacks on African immigrants


The University of Cape Town expresses its abhorrence and deep concern over the rise of xenophobic attacks on foreign nationals in Kwazulu-Natal, Gauteng and other places around our country.


Latest Newsbyte

Click to visit the latest Byte-size newsYouth change-maker Keal leads the way

Greg Keal, chair of the Student Representative Council entertainment and fundraising portfolio, has been honoured as a LeadSA Youth Hero of the Month for the Western Cape. He was photographed and videoed on campus during the recent handover of his award (see left).

While still at school, Keal founded and directed the NPO RiseUp, which encourages South Africa's youth to stand against human rights violations through peaceful protests, community work and petitions.

Among other things, Keal has collected textbooks for rural schools and protested against unconstitutional legislation. He is also a recipient of a World Changers Entrepreneur Challenge first prize for his proposal for a profitable and sustainable feeding scheme in rural schools around the Western Cape. This environmentally friendly scheme would also provide employment.

Last year Keal was involved in raising R80 000 for Makaputhu Children's Village outside Botha's Hill near Durban. This houses over 100 children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Story by Helen Swingler. Photo by Michael Hammond.

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