Media responses


UCT response to Roger Young writing for the City Press - 31 December 2015
The University of Cape Town responds to the article How UCT's system failed student after sexual harassment case and offers corrections to a number of points of fact.

UCT delivers notice to vacate Avenue Hall - 10 December 2015
The University of Cape Town has delivered notice to the occupants of Avenue Hall, a university building on UCT property, to vacate the hall with immediate effect.

UCT confirms charges against student - 10 December 2015
The University of Cape Town confirms that a student who we believe was involved in facilitating and engaging in the disruption of the exams at the Sports Centre on 16 November 2015 is facing disciplinary charges. The charge sheet for interfering with the exam was served on the student this week.

Response to #FeesMustFall - 16 November 2015
UCT Response to "#Fees Must Fall: Key Items & Figures in South African University Funding" (UJUH, 14 November 2015).

Response to the Mail & Guardian - 23 October 2015
The comparison of university costs ("A university education comes at a price", 23 October 2015) does not examine the effect of additional costs that are often charged by universities.

Response to the Cape Argus - 21 October 2015
The plight of Kholeka Takani, a cleaner at the University of Cape Town who would like her children to have the opportunity to study at UCT, has not been overlooked by the university ("Tuition fees a high burden", 21 October 2015).

Response to The Star - 18 September 2015
The article "Slow process could see Rhodes rise from ashes" (18 September 2015) refers.

UCT is not for sale – Dr Russell Ally - 16 September 2015
UCT response to "UCT should take a stand against racism" – Graham McIntosh, 9 September 2015.

Response to The Citizen - 16 September 2015
UCT responds to The Citizen's article "Maxwele wins case against 'racist UCT'".

UCT prepared the following statement on 15 September 2015, following the notice of the High Court decision on the matter of the suspension of Mr Chumani Maxwele. This statement was made available to the Cape Times before the publication of the article Maxwele beats UCT - 16 September

UCT replies to Mike Berger - 11 September 2015
UCT response to article by Prof Mike Berger in PoliticsWeb.

UCT posted a response to the article Dropping of charges a huge relief – RMF in the Cape Times - 24 August 2015

UCT posted a response to RMF statement on Judge Farlam - 21 August 2015
The killings at Marikana in 2012 remain a horrific event in our post-Apartheid history, marking the failure of our society to address inequality, workers' living conditions, corporate accountability, labour and union relations, lack of capacity in public order policing, and, worst of all, actions by police authorities which aggravated the violence of the situation.

UCT posted a response to the article RMF slates UCT for investments in mining sector in the Cape Times - 20 August 2015

UCT posted a statement on RMF and investments in Lonmin - 18 August 2015
The University of Cape Town notes the demands made by the Rhodes Must Fall (RMF) movement on campus today and we will respond in due course. Meanwhile, here are the facts about investments by the UCT Retirement Fund and the UCT Foundation in the mining sector and Lonmin in particular.

UCT statement on graffiti on campus - 17 August 2015
The University of Cape Town notes the third anniversary of the Marikana shootings and the many unanswered questions that remain around this tragedy.

UCT posted a short response to the article 'UCT Diversity' on News24 for clarity on the Mellon May Undergrad Fund - 17 August 2015

UCT posted a response to the article Maxwele no prisoner in the Cape Times - 14 August 2015