Worldwide Universities Network overview

The Worldwide Universities Network (WUN) is a leading higher education and research network made up of 21 universities across the globe. Together they work to promote research collaboration and address issues of global significance. WUN has 90 active research initiatives, engaging over 2 000 researchers and students in diverse range of projects.

By fostering and encouraging collaboration between its members, WUN brings together the experience, equipment and expertise necessary to tackle the big issues currently facing societies, government, corporations and education. Staff and students are encouraged to participate in WUN's expansive and innovative portfolio of research activities.

UCT has ring-fenced funding to enable researchers' participation in the WUN Research Development Fund, which provides grants for research projects that include at least 3 member universities and span at least 2 geographical regions.

WUN people at UCT

Professor Mamokgethi Phakeng sits on the WUN Academic Advisory Group, which is responsible for overseeing the academic portfolio of the network and advising the Partnership Board on strategy.

Research collaboration specialist in the Research Office, Wilna Venter, sits on the WUN Coordinators Group, responsible for implementing strategic decisions made by the Partnership Board and Academic Advisory Group.

For questions about WUN, contact Wilna Venter.