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Teaching and learning are the core functions of any university and UCT is constantly striving to improve the experience of teaching and learning for academic staff and students alike.

This section is a summary of the recent Teaching and Learning highlights at the university.

2015 Teaching and Learning Report

The report is a testimony to UCT’s commitment to excellence in teaching, alongside its commitment to research. During 2015, UCT continued its multiple interventions which are focused on renewing the curriculum, improving access and throughput, enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning experience, and supporting online provision.

The student concerns of 2015 have given added impetus and urgency to the teaching and learning interventions already in place, with intense deliberations at every level of the institution.

The 2015 Teaching and Learning Report includes inputs from across UCT and points directly to how the pace of transformation has been quickened around a range of key issues such as multilingualism, Afrocentric curricula and staff transformation.

It is clear that 2015 was an important year for honing and shaping the agenda for teaching and learning for the foreseeable future.

Read the 2015 Teaching and Learning Report.