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Curriculum Change Working Group

The Curriculum Change Working Group was commissioned by the VC to facilitate a process for the UCT community to engage in critical curriculum transformation. Read the VC’s announcement...

The group has considerable experience, knowledge and expertise related to the development of contextually and socially relevant curricula. They are also well versed in the use of inclusive approaches to teaching and learning.

It is co-chaired by Associate Professor Harry Garuba (Head of the Centre for African Studies) and Associate Professor Elelwani Ramugondo (Department of Occupational Therapy). The other members are Professor Sandra Klopper (DVC: Teaching and Learning), Professor Sakhela Buhlungu (Dean of Humanities), Associate Professor Harsha Kathard (Department of Health Sciences Education), Associate Professor Denver Hendricks (Deputy Dean of Health Sciences), Dr Kasturi Behari-Leak (Academic Staff Development, CHED), Goitsione Mokou (education master’s student), Rorisang Moseli (2016 SRC President) and Brian Kamanzi (RMF and engineering master’s student). Judy Favish (Director of Institutional Planning) and Amanda Barratt (Academic Planning Officer) form the secretariat.
* Due to staff changes, some of these positions will be filled by new members in the new year.

Deans were invited to nominate up to three people from their faculties to form part of an extended group (from both formal and non-formal constituencies) that would brainstorm a methodology with the core group and student representatives and facilitate departmental workshops.

The group has developed a Preliminary Conceptual Framework and Terms of Reference.

The Terms of Reference sets out membership, reporting lines, accountability, timeframes and deliverables of the working group.

The Preliminary Conceptual Framework has been informed by the student and staff protests of 2015, which challenged and re-energised critical engagement around the purpose of a university in an unequal society, both as a site of complicity and as a potential agent for social change. The document will form the basis for identifying critical questions that will explored.

Both documents have been used as the starting points for engagements across the university. The group has adopted a generative methodology that is guided by a theory of change. They will be working with interested students, staff and community members.

The university-wide engagements on curriculum reform are scheduled for completion towards the end of 2017.

Dr Kasturi Behari-Leak, Associate Professor Elelwani Ramugondo and Associate Professor Harsha Kathard, all founding members of the Curriculum Change Working Group, contributed to an article in The Conversation. It gives a clear and practical example of the group’s work. Read the article...

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