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Monday Monthly

Latest edition

Volume 33.10
Monday, 1 December 2014

Front Page
Lecturers changing lives

Dr Ian-Malcolm Rijsdijk – Senior Lecturer, Centre for Film and Media Studies
Dr Linda Ronnie – Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Business
Secrets Of Success
Assoc Prof June Pym – Director of Education Development Unit (EDU), Faculty of Commerce
Prof Delawir Kahn – Head of the Department of Surgery
Assoc Prof James Gain – Deputy Head of the Department of Computer Science
Dr Spencer Wheaton – Senior Lecturer, Department of Physics

Anatomy Of A Teacher
A Good Death
Child Gauge 2014
Cities: The new frontier of sustainable development
City divided, city desired
A civil rights movement for academia

The secret life of objects
Letter from my father
On light and matter
Prince Pro
The humility of Sarah Baartman
Glass of water

Photo Essay
2014 in pictures

Faculty Focus - Health Sciences
A word from the dean
Genetic Advantage – Why Southern Africa may be the best place on Earth for health science research
In search of better health
Health by design
Training in Africa, staying in Africa
Going public with health knowledge
Message in a bottle
What it takes to make it
The test of time

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Faculty Focus - Health Sciences