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Monday Monthly

Latest edition

Volume 34.02
Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Front Page
Ask an expert: SONA – politics as theatre

Digging below the surface

UCT rocks
Technology trends shaping higher education

A history of violence

Photo Essay
An epic ride

Faculty Focus - Law
A word from the dean
Open justice
Just in time
Law in Africa
Beyond biopiracy
Dynamic, not static
Africa's paradox of plenty
Labour intensive
Finding common ground in comparative law
Women's work
Pressing questions
Do policing and prison make a dent in the drugs trade?
Does executive pay feed income inequality – and how can we fix it?
Can good fences make good neighbours?
What's it like to seek asylum in South Africa?
How is the Public Protector's role changing?
Five ways you're breaking the law every day (and you don't know it)
On the record
UCT's links with other African universities

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Faculty Focus - Law