Alumni weigh in on transformation at nationwide roadshow

1 Feb 2016 - 09:45

Last year, the chairperson of the Alumni Advisory Board, Ms. Dianna Yach, as well as the Head of Alumni Relations, Mr. Lungile Jacobs, hosted an alumni roadshow in five cities in the country, with the aim of introducing Ms. Yach as the AAB Chair, and discussing with alumni the very relevant topic of transformation at UCT.

The roadshows were well attended, with alumni in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London expressing their opinions on a variety of matters related to the recent events on campus in the aftermath of transformation issues being highlighted.

According to Ms. Yach, it was an important exercise, as hearing from the alumni across various cities and towns was necessary to see how their suggestions could be implemented across the University and on decision-making and leadership platforms.

To quote from Ms. Yach's report, "Many alumni expressed a desire to become more actively involved in helping UCT deliver its promises on transformation, believing UCT could become a beacon of excellence on transformation, and that an untransformed institution could not be considered excellent. UCT should seek ways of becoming a specialist on transformation in Africa, learning from its past, perhaps creating a publication on transformation."

During the final leg of the roadshow, held in Cape Town, a decision was taken to form a Cape Town Chapter made up of alumni from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, all coming together with the common goal of advancing the University whilst highlighting its transformation agenda.

The group established a steering committee that met in early December. The committee is planning a follow-up meeting in February, which all local alumni will be invited to attend, with the goal of and electing a task team to continue engaging on matters related to transformation at UCT.

Those who were not able to attend the roadshows are invited to share their thoughts and opinions with us. The AAB has committed to engaging all alumni, local and international on any matters of importance to them.

Email us at or tweet us @UCTalumni. You can read the a summary of the roadshow discussions here.

The Alumni Association (AA), is a statutory body consisting of all UCT alumni, and is managed by an Alumni Advisory Board, which is elected annually at the AGM of the Alumni Association. The board's current chairperson is Ms. Dianna Yach, an alumna of the Law Faculty.