23 Jul 2009 - 10:45

A new Publications section has been added to the website. The section includes existing resources like the Publication lists with links to Scientific and Semi-popular publications but now also includes the Roberts VII Project (previously listed on the banner at the top of the page) and the Databases and downloads page. The Databases and downloads section provides details about the online searchable databases hosted by the Institute's Niven Library and includes the Niven Library online public access catalogue, the Succulent Karoo Ecosystem Programme (SKEP) online database and the Fynbos i-Forum online database.

Listed under resources you will also find a new Dissertations & projects page and an Africa - Birds & Birding section (see Fitz authored articles...). As its name suggests, the Dissertations & projects section has been designed to list the theses, mini-theses and projects produced by students supervised or co-supervised by Fitz staff members since the Institute came into being in 1960. At the moment it only includes Honours projects and Conservation Biology Masters mini-theses but we will be adding the list of Masters and Doctoral theses once all the information has been collated.