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Research reports

UCT's Annual Research Report provides an overview of the activities of the university for the year in review. It provides a record of research output by faculty, as well as listings of each faculty's capacity, expertise and publications. The report is used for benchmarking and marketing purposes.

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2013 Research Report

2012 Research Report

2011 Research Report

2010 Research Report

2009 Research Report

2008 Research Report

2007 Research Report

2006 Research Report

2005 Research Report

2004 Research Report

2003 Research Report

Request latest report (print)

Email rea-irma@uct.ac.za or call 021 650 5440.

Compiling the research report

The Research Office co-ordinates and produces the annual research report. The initial material submitted for the report forms the basis of the preliminary Publication Count, which is submitted to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) for subsidy purposes. The timing of the exercise is therefore driven by deadlines set by the DHET.

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Research reports (Research Office website)