Statement by the UCT Alumni Advisory Board

14 Mar 2016 - 12:15

The UCT Alumni Advisory Board (AAB) supports the recent constructive call for all Capetonians who can, to offer to take in a student lodger. The UCT Off-Campus Student Accommodation Service (phone 021 650 4934) will be happy to assist. Especially African students find it hard to get landlords & landladies in Rondebosch, Rosebank, and Mowbray, to offer to rent to them.

The vast majority of alumni condemn the destruction of UCT property. This alienates people from protesters. Further, repairs, art restoration, and extra security, divert limited UCT funding from aiding students with tuition fees and accommodation.

Dianna Yach
Chair, UCT AAB

Keith Gottschalk
Member, UCT AAB