UCT Phonathon 2015 - student callers off to an energetic start

22 Jun 2015 - 18:00

UCT Phonathon callers at the 2015 training weekend

UCT Phonathon callers at the 2015 training weekend.


As the excitement of the June graduation ceremonies wears off, the energy of the student callers in the Weston Room at the Baxter Residence gives life to a quiet campus.

The UCT Phonathon is an important component of the UCT Development and Alumni Department's fundraising efforts. Over fifty student callers will be reaching out to more than 15, 000 alumni over the next four weeks.

One of the significant aims of this program, is for student callers to engage with alumni, discussing life at-and after UCT and hopefully receiving career tips and advice from those who have gone before them.

Another major goal is for students to encourage alumni to support the Annual Fund, which raises funds towards many of the university's priority projects, like Student Financial Aid, the expansion of our residence capacity, and the work that UCT is doing to promote access to higher education, amongst high school learners in disadvantaged communities.

This is the third year that the UCT Phonathon operates on such a large scale. In preparation for the four-week calling period, alumni from all over the world have been sent a letter informing them to expect a call from their alma mater. Many alumni have written back to the phonathon team, to make sure that the alumni office has their correct contact details, and to express their excitement to be receiving a call from a current student. Project leader, Jasmine Erasmus, reflected that this show of support from alumni has gone a long way toward ensuring that the student callers felt relaxed and confident, ahead of the calling period.

Training weekend kicked off this year's Phonathon on Saturday, 20 June 2015, and calling will officially start on the evening of Monday 22 June 2015. The UCT Phonathon 2015 will run until 16 July. For more information about the programme, please contact the Phonathon team:

Jasmine Erasmus on 021 650 3749 or by email on jasmine.erasmus@uct.ac.za.
Cindy De Oliveira on 021 650 4825 or by email on cindy.deoliveira@uct.ac.za.