Ways to give


Making a bequest to the University of Cape Town

UCT is South Africa's oldest university and the leading research university on the African continent. But like every great university in the world, UCT cannot thrive without the generous support of its alumni and friends.

When you leave a bequest to the University of Cape Town, you are giving future generations an opportunity to benefit from your hard-earned assets and this will continue to benefit society for many decades to come.

The university would welcome an opportunity to discuss with you how a legacy gift might benefit future generations of UCT students, and would appreciate greatly your remembrance of the university in your will.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a specific provision in your will, directing some of the assets in your estate to the university. Bequests are also known as 'planned' or 'deferred' gifts. The advantage of this type of giving is that you still have the use of your assets during your lifetime, with the satisfaction of knowing that a part of your estate will support the UCT tradition of academic excellence into the future.

There are various ways to make a bequest, such as:

  • A specific sum of money – this is the simplest bequest but is also the most easily affected by inflation.
  • A percentage of your estate –this ensures a specific distribution between your beneficiaries regardless of any changes to your estate.
  • The residue of your estate – after having made provisions for your dependants you may choose to bequeath the remainder of your estate to UCT.
  • A life assurance policy – you can sign over an existing policy or take out a new one, naming UCT as the beneficiary.
  • Real estate, artworks, antiques, jewellery and other valuables may be bequeathed.

It is advisable to talk to your lawyer, estate administrator, or financial adviser about the best choice for you and your family.

Legacy Society

UCT has revitalised the Legacy Society to acknowledge the commitment and support of donors who make deferred gifts to UCT through bequests.

Your membership will ensure that you are appropriately acknowledged, and kept abreast of university activities via dedicated Legacy Society events each year. You may also choose to remain anonymous. We request that you simply inform us that you have included UCT in your will.

Hugh AmooreHugh Amoore is the current president of the Legacy Society. Hugh's UCT career as a student and staff member spanned 46 years, from 1970 to 2015. After active involvement as a student (SRC, a half-blue as a long distance athlete, sub-warden in his residence, and an active role within the Debating Union) he joined the administration and for 29 years (1987–2015) served as registrar. He retains an active interest in university matters, serving on committees on behalf of Universities South Africa (USAf). As “Registrar Emeritus”, he remains committed to UCT and the challenges it faces.

To discuss this matter in strictest confidence, please contact our Legacy Manager, Mr Fahim Docrat.