The Council governs the university and is constituted according to the provision of the Higher Education Act, 1997, and the University of Cape Town Statute.

Its responsibilities include determining the mission, objectives, goals, strategies and policies for the progress of the institution. It must also ensure an environment conducive to efficient, effective, economical and ethical attainment of these goals.

In addition, it has the responsibility of maintaining and ensuring a financially secure, healthy and viable environment and accounting for all decisions taken at UCT, including the submission of the required reports and documents to the Minister of Education.

Ultimate accountability

The Council of an institution, its Senate and vice-chancellor through the Council, are accountable for their actions to the State through the Minister of Education.


The 30-member Council consists of the executive officers, other employees of the institution, students and persons not members of staff or students of the institution (who must be at least 60% of the total membership), appointed by a wide range of parties.

Members of Council

The Council membership for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2020 is recorded below. The term of appointment is 4 years unless stated otherwise.

70% of the Council members are black (43% previously) and 40% are women (37% previously).

Ex Officio (5) 1. Dr M Price (Vice-Chancellor)
2. Prof L Feris (Deputy Vice-Chancellor)
3. A/Prof L Lange (Deputy Vice-Chancellor)
4. Prof A le Roex (Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor)
5. Prof M Phakeng (Deputy Vice-Chancellor) (Vice-Chancellor Designate)
Ministerial appointees (3) 6. Ms S Barsel
7. Ms R Omar
8. Mr S Pityana (Chairperson)
Members elected by Convocation (6) 9. Mr N Arendse SC
10. Ms DJ Budlender (Deputy Chairperson)
11. Dr S Manjra
12. Adv N Mayosi
13. Vacant
14. Prof S Zinn
Academic and professional administrative and support staff (PASS) elected members (2) 15. Mr E Balarin (PASS)
16. A/Prof E Ramugondo (Academic)
Members elected by Senate (3) 17. Professor B Mayosi
18. Professor T Moultrie
19. Mr JA Rousseau
Members elected by donors(2) 20. Mr E Davids
21. Ms D Yach
Nominee of Cape Town City Council (1) 22. Cllr M Kleinschmidt
Nominee of the Premier of the Western Cape (1) 23. Dr M Cardo MP
Appointed by the Appointments Committee of Council (5) 24. Mr A Jakoet
25. Ms T Mokgabudi
26. Ms B Ngewana
27. Ms B Ngonyama
28. Mr B Zwane
Appointed by the SRC (2) 29. Karabo Khakhau
30. Neo Mkwane  

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