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URC-accredited research groupings

URC-accredited research groupings

Commerce | Engineering & the Built Environment | Health Sciences | Humanities | Law | Science


Research grouping Director(s)
Actuarial Research, Centre for (CARe) A/Prof TA Moultrie
Advancement of Business Competitiveness (ABC-Unit) A/Prof R Chivaka
African Collaboration for Quantitative Finance and Risk Research (ACQuFRR) A/Prof D Taylor
Centre for Information Technology and National Development in Africa (CITANDA) Prof JP van Belle
Development Policy Research Unit (DPRU) Prof H Bhorat
Environmental-Economics Policy Research Unit (EPRU) A/Prof A Leiman
Policy Research in International Services and Manufacturing (PRISM) Prof M Morris
Research Unit in Behavioural Economics and Neuroeconomics (RUBEN) Prof Harold Kincaid
Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit (SALDRU) Prof M Leibbrandt
The UCT Tourism and Events Research Unit (UCT-TRU) Dr R George
Dr D Maralack

Engineering & the Built Environment

Research grouping Director(s)
African Centre for Cities (ACC) Prof E Pieterse
Bioprocess Engineering Research, Centre for (CeBER) Prof STL Harrison
Blast Impact & Survivability Research Unit (BISRU) Prof G Nurick
Catalysis Research, Centre for (CCR) Prof JCQ Fletcher
Concrete Materials and Structural Integrity Research Unit (CoMSIRU) Prof M Alexander
Crystalisation and Precipitation Research Unit (CPRU) Prof A Emslie Lewis
Energy Research Centre (ERC) Harald Winkler
Materials Engineering, Centre for (CME) Prof RD Knutsen
Minerals Research, Centre for (CMR) Prof DA Deglon
Research in Computational and Applied Mechanics, Centre for (CERECAM) Prof BD Reddy
Research in Engineering Education, Centre for (CREE) Dr Tracy Craig
Sasol Advanced Fuels Laboratory - Unit (SAFL) Dr Chris Woolard
Transport Studies, Centre for (CTS) A/Prof R Behrens
Urban Water Management Research Unit (UWMG) Prof Neil Armitage

Health Sciences

Research grouping Director(s)
Adolescent Health Research Unit (AHRU) Prof P de Vries
Albertina & Walter Sisulu Institute for Ageing in Africa (IAA) Dr S Kalula
Cardiovascular Research Unit (CRU) Prof P Zilla
Desmond Tutu HIV Centre Prof R Wood
Environmental and Occupational Health Research, Centre for (CEOHR) A/Prof Aqiel Dalvie
Gender, Health and Justice Research Unit (GHJRU) A/Prof L Artz
Hatter Institute of Cardiology Research Prof K Sliwa-Hahnle
Health Economics Unit Dr E Sinanovic
HIV Mental Health Unit (HIVMHU) A/Prof John Joska
Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research, Centre for (CIDER) Prof Landon Myer
Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, Institute of (IDM) Prof V Mizrahi
Lung Infection and Immunity Unit (LIIU) Prof Keertan Dheda
MRC/NHLS/UCT Molecular Mycobacteriology Research Unit Prof V Mizrahi
MRC/UCT Cape Heart Centre Prof P Zilla
MRC/UCT Drug Discovery & Development Research Unit Prof K Chibale
MRC/UCT Human Genetics Research Unit Prof R Ramesar
MRC/UCT Immunology of Infectious Diseases Unit Prof F Brombacher
MRC/UCT Medical Imaging Research Unit (MIRU) Prof T Douglas
MRC/UCT Receptor Biology Research Group Em. Prof R Millar
Prof A Katz
MRC/UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine Prof TD Noakes
South African Tuberculosis Vaccine Initiative (SATVI) A/Prof Mark Hatherill
Structural Biology Research Unit (SBRU) Prof Trevor Sewell
UCT Leukaemia Unit Prof N Novitzky
Women's Health Research Unit (WHRU) A/Prof J Harries


Research grouping Director(s)
African Cinema Unit (ACU) Dr Ian Rijsdijk
Comparative Religion in Southern Africa, Institute for (ICRSA) Prof D Chidester
Contemporary Islam, Centre for (CCI) Prof A Tayob
Kaplan Centre for Jewish Studies and Research Prof M Shain
Centre for Curating the Archive (CCA) Acting Director
A/Prof F Langerman
Rhetoric Studies, Centre for (CRS) Distinguished Prof Ph-J Salazar
Social Science Research, Centre for (CSSR) Prof J Seekings


Research grouping Director(s)
Criminology, Centre of Prof C Shearing
Development & Labour Law, Institute of (IDLL) Prof R le Roux
Intellectual Property Research Unit (IPRU) Dr Tobias Schonwetter


Research grouping Director(s)
Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation Research Centre Prof R Kraan-Korteweg
Prof P Dunsby
Animal Demography Unit (ADU) Em. Prof LG Underhill
Biopharming Research Unit Prof Ed Rybicki
Information & Communications Technology, Centre for Development (ICT4D) Vacant
Marine Research (MA-RE) Institute Acting Director
Dr L Shannon
MRC/UCT Drug Discovery & Development Research Unit Prof K Chibale
Nanosciences Innovation Centre Prof D Britton
A/Prof M Härting
Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research Prof F Shillington
Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology (Fitzstitute) Acting Director
A/Prof Peter Ryan
Plant Conservation Unit (CPU) Prof T Hoffman
Scientific Computing Research Unit (SCRU) Prof K Naidoo
Statistics in Ecology, Environment and Conservation (SEEC), Centre for A/Prof R Altwegg
Supramolecular Chemistry Research, Centre for (CSCR) Prof MR Caira
Theoretical & Mathematical Physics, Centre for (CTMP) Prof H Weigert
UCT-CERN Research Centre Prof J Cleymans

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