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Finance Operations

Notice board

Notice Date posted
2015 Year End Deadlines & 2016 SAP downtime 05 Nov 2015
Updated Fund Attributes Report (ZFR3) 05 Nov 2015
Changes to Purchasing Policies 06 Oct 2015

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Guideline GL Expense Accounts
2015 Year End deadlines

Budget 2016

Key dates
Budget Guidelines
Excel Worksheets for Budget
Checklist for budget submission
Budget Analysis Template
Multi-Year Progress Report
ICT Project Proposal Template
Travel Costs Template
Software usage & acquisition template
Notes for fees budget template

Budget 2015

PBWG Planning Guidelines

Business Plans

Business Plan Process
Business Plan Guideline Att1
Business Plan Template Att2


Annual Financial Statements
Comprehensive Financial Plan
PPS: Noticeboard
PPS: Procurement Services
PPS: UCT Vendors
PPS: Information for Vendors
PPS: Purchasing
PPS: Policies & Guidelines
PPS: Contacts
Fees: Undergraduate
Fees: Postgraduate
Fees: New applicants