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Institutional planning

The department


The Institutional Planning Department (IPD) provides the required support services for the University of Cape Town and all associated stakeholders in accordance with the policies and plans of UCT.

This website has been produced to provide information about the department and the university set out in the following way:

The department

Much of the work of the IPD happens at a departmental level with the collaboration amongst the four units of the department, or co-ordinating departmental activities with other stakeholders. These include involvement in and/or responsibility and for the Environmental Scan, the Teaching and Learning Report, and the Social Responsiveness Report. Staff members of the IPD are also responsible for the servicing of various committees. In this section you will also find the profiles of the IPD staff.

The units

In addition to what is listed above, the distinct activities of the four units are dealt with in this section.

Academic Planning Unit

The APU assists in the processing of proposals for new programmes and ensures that our processes are responsive to local and national needs.

Institutional Information Unit

The IIU provides management information to, and conducts institutional research for various committees and stakeholders within the university and supports the Academic Reviews. The unit produces annual reports such as the Faculties Report, Institutional Fact Book, First Destinations Report, etc. In addition, the IIU deals with ad hoc queries from a variety of sources within the university environment as well as outside parties.

Quality Assurance

This unit is responsible for the management of academic and PASS review processes and quality promotion.

Social Responsiveness Unit (SRU)

The SRU is responsible for promoting and strengthening social responsiveness activities at the university. It also supports the implementation of the Memoranda of Understanding signed by the university with the Provincial Government of the Western Cape and the City of Cape Town.

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Please note: the Institutional Planning Department's own website is under development.


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