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Institutional planning

Social responsiveness


The information contained on this website is a compilation of in-depth qualitative studies of various forms of civic engagement between UCT staff and students and other communities. These studies are conducted and published as 'portraits of practice' in annual reports, with a view to offering perspectives that cannot be accommodated in the format of a database.

Consequently, the website does not contain exhaustive information on all the many and varied forms of social responsiveness manifested at UCT, and, while we are now posting summaries as well as qualitative reports, this website should be viewed as work in progress.

Finally, activities have been posted under various categories, but the inter-disciplinary nature of the work means that they may not be found where expected. Users are therefore encouraged to browse.

We hope that the website will assist with networking and partnerships both within the university and between members of the university community and external constituencies around development challenges facing our society.

Visit the UCT Social Responsiveness website.

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UCT Social Responsiveness website