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Occupational health

Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) 2014 Formal Training courses

Please note: These courses are only available to University of Cape Town Staff.
Candidates who are booked to attend formal courses and do not turn up will be charged for the entire fees as indicated on the application form (HS03). The form may be downloaded from the SAP administrative forms site.

Code Course name Application closing dates Training dates Time
BFF01 Basic Fire Fighting 03/04/2014 10 April 2014 08h30 - 16h00
FA101 First Aid Level One 31/03/2014 07 – 11 April 2014 08h30 – 13h00
FA102 First Aid Level One 07/07/2014 14 - 18 July 2014 08h30 – 13h00
OHS01a Occupational Health & Safety Representative 31/03/2014 07 and 08 April 2014 09h00 – 16h00
OHS01b Occupational Health & Safety Act: Legal Liability Overview 02/04/2014 9 April 2014 2014 08h00 – 12h30
OHS02a Occupational Health & Safety Representative 24/06/2014 01 and 02 July 2014 09h00 – 16h00
OHS02b Occupational Health & Safety Act: Legal Liability Overview 03/07/2014 10 July 2014 08h00 – 12h30
OHS03 Occupational Health & Safety Representative 26/08/2014 02 and 03 September 2014 09h00 – 16h00

BFF 1 day This is a SETA accredited course offered Off-campus and includes strenuous physical activity & a practical exam.
FA1 (LEVEL 1) 20hrs This is a certificated – Dept. of Labour Document C course and includes practical tests and a written exam.
OHS01a,02a & 03 2 days This is a two day SETA accredited course offered On-campus and includes a written exam.
OHS02a + OHS02b 4.5hrs A half day course offered On-Campus. Serves as an update to trained SHE Reps and Induction for 16.2 Appointees.

These courses are facilitated by the SHE Department and are conducted by external service providers.

Name of planned development activity Name of provider Internal / external Accreditation status Accrediting SETA /organization NQF level SAQA credits Cost
First Aid Level 1 St. Johns External N/A Dept. of Labour document C N/A N/A R650
Basic Fire Fighting SAFMA External Unit standard 252250 TETA 1 3 R600
Occ. Health & Safety Rep IRCA External Unit standard 12455 HWSETA 3 4 R1000
Occ. Health & Safety Act: Legal Liability Overview IRCA External Unit standard 13951 HWSETA 4 4 R1000

Level 3 First Aid courses will no longer be funded by the Staff Development & Learning Centre. If it is a job requirement then funding needs to come from the relevant department. Please book all training via the SHE Dept

NB. - Some training involves practical demonstrations, written assessments & physical activities.


All workshops are free to the University of Cape Town community.

Line Managers, Safety Officers and any interested staff members are welcome to arrange workshops in their work environment to address specific needs. Please liaise with the SHE Dept. about any topics applicable to your workplace. Please forward your requests to email: ohs@uct.ac.za.

  Topic Time Detail
a S, H & E Induction. 2 hrs This is compulsory for any new staff member. (Section 13 of the OHS Act of 1993)
b What every Line Manager should know about SHE. 2 hrs The Line Manager is informed of his/her legal responsibilities towards Safety Health & Environment management. The session will cover the management requirements of the OHS Act.
c Intro to the Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1993 2 hrs This is an overview of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and how it impacts on the employer and the employee.
d Workers Compensation @ UCT (COIDA) 2 hrs Understanding what should be done when a staff member is injured and understanding what forms to complete and why it should be completed. UCT's Injury on Duty Procedure.
e Emergency & Disaster Management 2 hrs This is an overview of how different emergencies should be managed at the University of Cape Town.
f Emergency planning 2 hrs This program will assist you in preparing for emergencies and help you to proactively compile an emergency plans for your specific environment or program.
g Fire Systems at UCT 2 hrs This is an introduction to the different types of Fire Evacuation systems that we have at UCT and policies pertaining to all fire systems.
h Evacuation Marshal workshop 2 hrs This program involves looking at your environment & how best to manage the people in the building during an emergency. (building specific)
i Fire Prevention workshop 2 hrs This session introduces employees to the fire hazards in their own working environment and equips them to look at various means to prevent fires in their workplace.
j Intro to Office Ergonomics 2 hrs This session introduces workers to office ergonomics and explains what it means and how the workers environment may be affected by ergonomic factors.
k Lab Safety 3 hrs Introduces lab workers to the legislation and hazards associated with the management of Laboratories and informs lab workers about the related University of Cape Town policies.
l Hazardous Waste disposal 3 hrs This is an overview of hazardous waste disposal at the University of Cape Town as well as the legal requirements of the disposal of hazardous waste.
m Chemical Safety 2 hrs This is an introduction of the storing and labeling of Hazardous Chemicals as well as the legal requirements in working with Hazardous Chemicals.
n Events Planning Legislation 2 hrs This session introduces employees to the legislation involved in the planning of an event.
o Fire Equipment demonstration 1 hr This is an introduction and demonstration of all the handheld fire equipment found on the University of Cape Town campuses.
p Basic Radiation Safety 2 hrs Promotes and institutes basic safety standards to ensure that radiation sources and radioactive materials are managed for both maximum safety and human benefit.
q HCS Coordinators Guide to Hazardous Chemical Substances 2 hrs Provides for the effective management of chemicals, lessens the risk of fire; prevents accidental mixing in emergencies, and minimizes exposure to corrosive and toxic chemicals.
r Basic Guide to Risk Assessments 2 hrs Helps staff to focus on the risks that really matter in their workplace. This workshop introduces staff to simple methods to carefully examine what could cause harm, to measure whether enough precautions have been taken or if more should be done to prevent harm.

Our aim is to have a University Community that is well informed and well equipped!

It is compulsory for staff to book themselves on all courses. (Application forms should be sent to the SHE Office, Shell Court, Mowbray) or fax: 021 650 2028. Please contact Email: ohs@uct.ac.za or tel: 021- 650 2246 with any queries relating to these courses.