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Graduation picture

Graduation, the highlight of the university calendar when undergraduate and postgraduate students receive their degrees, takes place twice a year at UCT - in a one- or two-day event in June, and then the main graduation week in mid-December. The university also confers honorary degrees on distinguished visitors who have made a valuable contribution to society.

Other awards which are conferred during graduation include:

Live Streaming of Graduation Ceremonies

Do you have family who cannot attend your graduation but would like to see you graduate?

They can go to the main page of this website and click on the Graduation Streaming link, then watch the whole ceremony as it happens.

Please note that you need to use IE9 and above to view the stream, however we recommend using Google Chrome for best support.

Find more information about graduation ceremonies in the downloads column.

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December 2016 Graduation Ceremonies

Gordon Harris Photographic Information


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