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Health, counselling & safety

Rapid response ambulance

Emergency medical service

The ER24 Emergency Medical Services is the preferred provider for any medical emergencies on the University of Cape Town campuses. An agreement was signed with the company ER24 EMS to respond to any medical emergencies on the University of Cape Town campuses. This agreement, which the UCT will pay for is only for a rapid response to its campuses. The ambulance or emergency vehicle will respond and stabilise the ill or injured individual. The cost for transporting the injured or ill person will be to the individuals medical aid or the individuals personal costs. This service is for all the UCT campuses. This means that the service can be used by all staff/ students and contractors on the university campuses.

Part of the service

  1. 24hr service to get medical advice. (medical staff available for advice)
  2. 24hr service for any counselling (trauma/ substance abuse/ poison/ suicide/ bereavement/rape)
  3. 24hr response to any medical emergency
  4. All calls are confidential. (e.g. CPS will be informed that a call has been received, but the nature of the call will not be revealed)


Any person will be able to call the ER24 number to get medical assistance. This service is available for 24hrs a day.


A monthly report will be sent to UCT to advise on the service. (Confidential patient information will not be revealed.)

The telephone number for ER24 is 084 124 Shortcode on any UCT phone is 8110.

Please any queries or comments about the service to BAS-HealthandSafety@uct.ac.za.

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