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Third Term

General information

The Third Term programme is designed to offer students the opportunity to gain degree credits for courses outside the standard first and second terms (semesters). Term-length courses are compressed into a four-week block of lectures that occur during June/July (Winter Session) and November/December (Summer Session). During these periods students attend classes, complete the standard written work required for any term-length course, and write a full examination. The Third Term programme is an intensive one, however, as many students have discovered, it can be very rewarding.

Students are expected to attend all classes and tutorials. Every effort will be made to keep the class sizes manageable for the lecturers and beneficial for the students.

Students are encouraged to pay fees for Third Term courses within the 1st week of Third Term lectures. This can be done at the UCT fees office.

Applicants from outside UCT

Students who are not registered at UCT in 2013 must complete a standard application form, an ACA12 Third Term Curriculum Course form, and must pay the application fee, which is not refundable. A certified copy of an academic transcript and a certificate of good conduct must be submitted with an application form. Please note that no application will be processed without an application fee. The full payment for tuition will be required before registration. (Where applicable, accommodation fees must also be paid in full before registration.)

Non-UCT students will be registered as occasional students. These students must ensure that their home institutions will accept the Third Term courses as credits toward their study programmes.

Information will be available on the UCT website under the tab 'Current Students -> Undergraduates'. Students outside UCT will be informed of where notices will appear on their campuses and are encouraged to check the website.

Other information

Students are encouraged to use all the facilities available to enhance their learning experience.

The UCT Writing Centre, in Level 6 Hlanganani Building, will be open during normal hours for the full duration of the Third Term. Students are welcome to visit the centre to discuss the research and organisation of their written tasks at any stage of the writing process. This is a free service, so you should take advantage of it.

The library will also be open, please consult the library website for their opening hours.

Student cards

Students in the Third Term who were registered at UCT during 2013 must keep their student cards. Students from outside UCT will be given a student card on application to UCT. Student cards will be used for the following purposes:

  1. as a permit to attend lectures and other classes, and to use the university libraries;
  2. as identification at all Third Term examinations and class tests.

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