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Baxter Theatre Centre

Since its establishment in 1977, the Baxter Theatre Centre at the University of Cape Town has played a prominent role in the South African arts and entertainment scene.

The Baxter Theatre Centre was built following a generous bequest by the late Dr William Duncan Baxter, who specified that the money be used for the express purpose of building a theatre that was open to all - this occurring at a time when South Africa's apartheid regime was at its zenith.

The complex comprises a theatre and a concert hall which accommodate larger productions, as well as a smaller studio theatre which provides a more intimate setting for smaller productions. Many of the public spaces in the complex are used to exhibit works by fine artists, and the complex itself has become a popular venue for those wishing to hold academic and business conferences during the day.

Over the last three decades the Baxter Theatre Centre, and the many productions staged there, have consistently reflected and questioned the status quo in South Africa. At the same time as widening access to all sectors of its surrounding community, the Baxter has consistently championed home-grown theatre and performance by staging exciting new works by South African playwrights, choreographers and musicians.

With regard to UCT, the Baxter also provides a platform for talented UCT students and graduates who, through their works, have brought life, laughter, politics, drama, dance and music to Cape Town audiences.

The Baxter celebrated its 30th anniversary on 1 August 2007. Its productions continue to demonstrate the incredible range and depth of talent in the performing arts in South Africa. In many ways the performance spaces at the Baxter can be said to truly express the soul of our nation.

For information about current and forthcoming productions at the Baxter, please visit our website.

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Baxter Theatre Centre

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