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Student governance


Student Governance and Leadership is a division of the UCT Department of Student Affairs (DSA).

It provides a proactive and enabling support and capacity building service to the Student Representative Council (SRC), the Student Assembly and student faculty councils. In doing so, it seeks to uphold and promote the principles of co-operative governance, and to give meaning to the Memorandum of Understanding between the SRC and the university management. The division is also responsible for various leadership development opportunities for UCT student leaders specifically, and UCT students generally.

To achieve its objectives, the division works in partnership with both UCT student leaders and other internal and external stakeholders around a number of initiatives. These partnerships are student centered, and the programme content is annually designed and implemented with the student leadership.

These partnerships include:

Bursaries and scholarships

Additionally, the division also administers the following student leadership bursary/scholarships opportunities for students with a strong track record in leadership at UCT:

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