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Strategic initiatives

Schools Improvement Initiative (SII)

SII logoThe Schools Improvement Initiative (SII) is a direct response to the education crisis in South Africa which not only has negative implications for the country as a whole but poses serious challenges for tertiary education.

The underachievement of learners, in particular in township schools around Cape Town, has resulted in relatively small numbers of black students from these disadvantaged areas qualifying for entrance to UCT.

At the behest of vice-chancellor Dr Max Price, the SII was formed to harness the university's broader resources to foster meaningful partnerships with education-related groupings, both within and outside of UCT.

Director of the Schools Development Unit (SDU), Dr Jonathan Clark, who has extensive experience in township schooling, was appointed to spearhead this initiative.

At the outset, it was decided that the SII would focus on Khayelitsha as a distinct geographic area. However, the intention is to expand the initiative to create partnerships involving a broad range of groups, organisations, institutions and individuals to assist government in improving the quality of education in South Africa.

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