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Introducing UCT


Towards a green campus

The concepts of "sustainability", "environmentally-friendly" and "green" are becoming increasingly important in many different aspects of our lives. UCT is responding to these issues in a number of ways, from research to retro-fitting, to recycling and raising awareness.

Most of the actions are guided by the Green Campus Action Plan commissioned, by the Properties and Services Department (P&S), and involve cooperation between students, professional and academic staff.

Some of the initiatives at UCT include:

The Green Campus Initiative (GCI)

Creen Campus Initiative logoThe Green Campus Initiative (GCI) was started in 2007 by a handful of students and staff to address issues of sustainability at UCT. The GCI is fresh, dynamic and action-based. The volunteer organisation aims to bring about lasting change and to make UCT a more environmentally-friendly institution. Activities led by the GCI include:


In 2010 the Departments of Properties and Services and ICTS launched a project to remove redundant and unneeded equipment that contains electronic components (e-Waste) from UCT. The e-Waste Project aims to reduce the risks associated with the hazardous materials that are part of electronic components, to free up much needed space, reduce the environmental impact of disposal, and reduce the use of raw materials by recycling and reuse.

Other sustainability projects at UCT include recycling and other initiatives within UCT residences.

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