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Introducing UCT




A total of 26 357 students enrolled at UCT in 2014.

The International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO) negotiates international agreements and looks after the needs of international students. Nearly 5 000 international students from over 100 countries study at UCT. Over half of these hail from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), while almost 1 000 per year are Semester Study Abroad students.

Student Enrolment


UCT employs over 5 000 staff members across the six faculties and the Centre for Higher Education Development (CHED). There are also several hundred clinical joint staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

UCT currently is home to 35 A-rated researchers. A National Research Foundation (NRF) A-rating is given to researchers who are unequivocally recognised by their peers as leading international scholars in their field for the high quality and impact of their recent research outputs.

UCT also has six P-rated researchers. P-ratings are awarded by the National Research Foundation to promising young scholars, usually under the age of 35, who have demonstrated exceptional potential to become future leaders in their fields.

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Campus Life

Campus Life 2017

Campus Life 2017
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Undergraduate Prospectus

2018 Undergraduate Prospectus

Postgraduate Prospectus

2016 Postgraduate Prospectus

A snapshot of Research at UCT

A snapshot of Research at UCT