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UCT Ombud

UCT Ombud

Zetu Makamandela-MguqulwaWelcome to the UCT Office of the Ombud

The Office of the Ombud provides a safe and objective environment in which individuals can air their concerns, receive appropriate referrals, be advised of relevant policies and procedures, and discuss formal and informal options for addressing these concerns. The Office of the Ombud operates according to the principles listed below, thereby functioning according to the IOA (International Ombudsman Association) Code of Ethics:

Nondisclosure agreement: By talking to the Ombud, visitors and the Ombud agree that the Office of the Ombud will not disclose or keep records of individually identifiable information; the Ombud will not testify or participate in any formal proceeding: communications with the Ombud are privileged, and this privilege is held by the Office of the Ombud and cannot be waived by others. This agreement results in confidentiality and leads to the provision of a safe and neutral place for the discussion of any concern by any member of the UCT community.

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UCT Ombud


Physical address:
Old Staff Cottages
3 - 4 Lovers Walk
Lower Campus (directly opposite the School of Dance)

Ombud website

Zetu Makamandela-Mguqulwa
Tel: 021 650 4805

Administrative Assistant
Birgit Taylor
Tel: 021 650 3665