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Transformation Services Office (TSO)

Overview | ADAPT programme | Transformation month at UCT


The core functions of the Transformation Services Office (TSO) include coordination of transformation activities; communication on transformation; policy development; transformation leadership development and advice and support to university committees and stakeholders.

The TSO was established to coordinate the work of the Discrimination and Harassment Office (DISCHO), led by Francois Botha; the HIV/AIDS Co-ordination UCT (HAICU), led by Cal Volks and the Disability Services led by Reinette Popplestone. Each of these offices continues to operate under the usual mandate and with their own staff and leadership. The TSO however offers an umbrella structure to support these important services and develop synergies in their approaches.

In addition the TSO services the Institutional Forum (IF) as well as the the University Transformation Advisory Committee (UTAC) which advises the Vice-Chancellor on transformation with particular regard to the 2010 - 2014 transformation goal, and on the university Employment Equity plan.

The TSO has also been involved in transformation activities in Higher Education South Africa (HESA). The forum is in the process of developing a concept document on Transformation in Higher Education. This document is aimed at supporting the work of transformation managers in tertiary institutions.

ADAPT programme

The ADAPT Intercultural Communication & Leadership Programme is a workshop-based initiative developed within the university by the TSO, and led by Francois Botha, director of the UCT Discrimination and Harassment Office (DISCHO), assisted by Khairoonisa Foflonker.

Following on the university's Khuluma and Mamela Programmes, ADAPT seeks to engage UCT staff as well as students in a meaningful conversation around transformation, inclusion and social justice. It aims to provide staff and student leaders with the skills and competencies to engage with each other's class, race, gender, dis/ability, sexuality, cultural and other differences in an empathic and respectful way.

The overarching aim of the ADAPT workshops is to facilitate deeper understanding of each other in order to facilitate a positive impact on the institutional culture.

The workshop is designed to accommodate and engage with the particular issues which arise and are relevant for the participants. Unlike the Khuluma workshops which were held on an open invitation basis, the idea for the ADAPT workshops is to work with departments and units.

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