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Cancellation of study & courses

Cancellation of registration form

What happens to my fees account when I cancel studies at UCT?

Students or their parents/guardians must give notice of intention to discontinue studies by completing the prescribed form. This must be delivered to their Faculty Office in person or sent by registered mail.

A reduction on the academic fees may be considered in special circumstances, depending on when the notice of intention to discontinue studies is received. Please consult Academic Fees Section 2.2 in the Student Fees Handbook for relevant dates.

All cancellations are subject to the prescribed administration fee.

Note that fees owing are due immediately on cancellation of studies.

Why do I not always see a full course fee credit on my fees account when I withdraw from a course?

When students withdraw from individual courses of a minimum duration of one semester, any fee reduction is dependent upon the date of withdrawal, details of which can be obtained from the Fees Office.

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