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Postgraduate degree funding

Bursaries & scholarships

UCT merit & need awards

Despite active steps taken by UCT, it is impossible to support all needy postgraduate students. Financially needy students are those whose family income amounts to R200 000 per annum or less. Students applying for need will be considered but must ensure that they are able to provide some contribution towards their studies via their own resources, external bursaries or part-time employment.

The following criteria have to be met:

Bursaries are not available for diplomas, certificates, the LLB or the HDE & BArch degree.

The bursary value may vary.

South African applicants for UCT Merit and Needs-Based awards are required to complete Form 10A:

Closing date: 14 November 2016.
Continuing students applying for renewal are required to complete Form 10B.

Students must note that:

The university cannot consider assistance for the cost of dependants. Only the applicant's assessed personal and academic costs are taken into account. Section 4 (see booklet under Download) lists awards administered independently of UCT and enquiries should be directed to the administrators/trustees indicated.

Please refer to the handbook for full details:


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