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Student Housing & Residence Life

Services & facilities


Students obtain a welcome pack that includes Handbook 3.1, which explains in more detail the programme and support structures available to students at UCT.

These include Orientation, mentors, peer helpers and life-skills workshops.

Jammie Shuttle

UCT students have access to a university shuttle service provider, the Jammie Shuttle, that operates between all the residences and university campuses. The shuttle stops are at reachable distances from most of residences

Jammie Shuttle website may be consulted for more information, time table, route maps etc.

Parking facilities

While registered for the first undergraduate year of study, a student shall not bring, cause to be brought, or park, on university property (all campuses including residences), any vehicle other than a motor cycle.

Returning students are to register their cars with UCT traffic department to obtain a parking disc for the campus.

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Jammie Shuttle

Parking policy