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Short courses & workshops in 2017

Dates Title Details Venue Contact
03 Apr - 04 Apr Concrete Technology Course The workshop will refresh the engineer’s and technician’s knowledge and understanding of concrete properties to enable him/her to rationally specify economic design solutions for reinforced concrete structures. Read more... Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg Sandra Jemaar
021 650 5793
03 Apr - 07 Apr Law of Conservation, Heritage Management and Development Introduction to South African law; administrative law; heritage resources law and management; current legislative framework for planning and development control. Read more... Centlivres Building Sandra Jemaar
021 650 5793
03 Apr - 07 Apr Conservation Disciplines and Practices The course introduces several of the disciplines engaged in conservation of the built environment, most specifically the current practices of pre-colonial and historical archaeology, architectural restoration and conservation, historical town and urban conservation, conservation of the cultural landscape. Read more... Centlivres Building Sandra Jemaar
021 650 5793
03 Apr - 07 Apr Mathematics for Radar and Electronic Protection This course provides a useful mathematical toolkit for the Radar and Electronic Defence Engineer. Read more... Menzies Building Sandra Jemaar
021 650 5793
03 Apr Becoming a changemaker: Introduction to Social Innovation 6-week free online course for anyone who wants to make a difference; debunks the common assumptions around what resources are needed to begin acting as a social innovator. Read more... Online UCT MOOC team
03 Apr - 07 Apr Introductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science The course is aimed at all persons who direct, design or conduct animal research, testing or teaching activities at UCT and in South Africa, with the objectives to present the basic principles. Read more... Chris Barnard Building, Faculty of Health Sciences, 09:00-17:00 Continuing Education
021 650 5246
03 Apr - 06 Apr Practical Introduction to Diabetes for Beginners This 4-day course is designed to equip non-medical health care providers with essential knowledge and skills in diabetes care. Groote Schuur Hospital, 08:30-16:00 Continuing Education
021 650 5246
03 Apr - 07 Apr Medical negligence & health sector mediation training Presented by UCT Law@work and Mediation In Motion. You will learn from two of South Africa’s most experienced mediators – to use mediation skills more effectively in the health sector, or any other preferred area of practice. The plans of the Department of Justice to implement court-aligned mediation, will form part of your learning experience. This course is accredited by Dispute Settlement Accreditation Council (DiSAC), and is registered with the Faculty of Health Sciences (crediting you with 30 CPD points).
Course fee: R17 500 per delegate. UCT staff and students receive 50% discount.
Nelson Peace Centre, Nelson Wine Estate outside Paarl, 45 minutes drive from Cape Town International Airport. Don Coue
021 650 3242
05 Apr - 07 Apr Infecting the City Free movement workshops with Tamryn Pelser (SA), Enkidu Khaled (Iraq/Belgium) and Joan Catal? Carrasco (Spain) for all levels at City Hall. The festival is a collaboration between the Africa Centre and the Institute of Creative Arts. Read more... City Hall, Darling Street Cape Town, 10:00 onwards Sam Saevitzon
021 650 7156
10 Apr Education for All: Disability, Diversity & Inclusion This free online course aims to help teachers, other professionals & parents to tackle inclusion, in a practical way in their own environment, while addressing barriers to learning and participation. Read more... Online UCT MOOC team
10 Apr Julia Scientific Programming 4-module course introducing users to Julia as first language. Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language developed specifically for scientific computing. Read more... Online UCT MOOC team
17 Apr Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries This free online course explores the inherent complexity of developing country governments wanting to grow their economies in a climate friendly way while also reducing poverty. Read more... Online UCT MOOCs team
20 Apr - 21 Apr Speak with confidence in the legal profession Good presentation skills will empower you to be at ease and free of anxiety before a small or large audience and will enable you to 'think on your feet'. Ideal for anyone having to talk or present in public, e.g. law students, advocates, attorneys, lawyers, judges. Includes: presentation planning, structure, how to prepare for an interview, effective vocabulary, use of equipment and material, correct breathing, body language.
Course fee: R5 000 per delegate. UCT staff and students receive 50% discount. Read more...
Moot Court, Level 5 Kramer Building, UCT Middle Campus Don Coue
021 650 3242
24 Apr Understanding Clinical Research: Behind the Statistics This free online course offers an easy entry into interpreting common statistical concepts without getting into nitty-gritty mathematical formulae & is suitable for working professionals & researchers. Read more... Online UCT MOOC team
25 Apr - 26 Apr South African energy law UCT Law@work, Institute of Marine and Environmental Law, and experts in the field are presenting an introductory course on South African energy law with a particular focus on renewable energy. The course covers commercial, revenue, and environmental law, and will provide a broad understanding of the legal environment in which local and international transactions occur. Ideal for every player and stakeholder involved in energy and environmental issues in the energy sector.
Course fee: R5 000 per delegate. Includes parking, teas, lunches, course material. UCT staff and students receive 50% discount. Read more...
Moot Court, Level 5 Kramer Building, UCT Middle Campus Don Coue
021 650 3242

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