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Summer School

Summer School

UCT Summer School 2017

If there’s one word linking all the Summer School 2017 courses, it is ‘humanity’. From the wonders of the human cell to human skin, the human heart and human origins, Summer School will lay bare the science of humanity. 

Human problems, too, become the focus: Why are South Africans obese? What will happen to Cape Town as a result of climate change? Why has gang culture come to dominate our communities? What is the fate of the SABC? How does smoking (of any kind) affect us?

There are courses on Shakespearean comedy, modern African literature and the origins of our massive vocabulary. The memorable novels of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis provide a feast of fantasy, along with the mysteries of Eleusis and the tradition of pilgrimage. Art features strongly, as always, with popular lecturers returning to discuss contemporary artists from Jackson Pollock to Marina Abramović, as well as art nouveau, the Medici and the art and architecture of Vienna.

Human skill has brought us astronomy, archaeology, medicine and music, but human emotions and differences have also brought war, conflict, prejudice and inhumanity, themes covered in a variety of courses on World War I, the Crimea, the Bolshevik revolution, decolonial thought, negative emotions and antisemitism. 

It’s important, then, that Summer School is able to bring Mary Burton to lecture on reconciliation and Judges Davis, Moseneke and Yacoob to ponder twenty years of constitutionalism.  To guide participants symbolically through all this content, there is a course on lighthouses.

To read more about individual courses, see news about Summer School lecturers or download the 2017 brochure, visit http://www.summerschool.uct.ac.za/

Summer School is a flagship programme of UCT's public education-oriented Centre for Extra-Mural Studies (EMS). It offers the wider public, regardless of educational qualifications, a taste of the range of academic expertise available through UCT. In addition, it brings to Cape Town world-class lecturers in a variety of disciplines. It is the only summer school in Africa, drawing people not only from other parts of the continent, but from as far afield as Canada and Switzerland.

Summer School Summer School

The annual Summer School programme aims to do the following, through a range of short courses:

All courses are for non-degree purposes and involve no examinations. For more information about what is on offer visit the Summer School website.

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